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White Larry!

Addons, Fulls, and various sizes will be available until 7pm est Thursday, November 15th

White Larry
Goat’s milk, buttermilk, and butter. Lots of butter. 

Please note: this perfume is not vegan, as it contains butter CO2 extract.


Weenies Leftovers are currently available until 5pm est Saturday the 17th!

Please Note: Leftovers are now on a once a week shipping schedule.  This means that every week, all non-pre-order...orders... received by 5pm est Friday will be packed up to ship out Saturday morning.  This does not affect pre-orders.  All pre-orders will continue to ship as they're filled.

Reprint of the most recent FaceBook Group update...
Just a quickie update! 98% of the Weenies orders got dropped at the post this morning, all four overflowing bins. ;) (I was able to get 2 bins out on Saturday, so some of you may even already have your orders!) There are a few orders that need fixing or tweaking which I'll take care of tonight so they can ship in the morning. Give your automated tracking email up to 48 hours to show up. After that, if you haven't gotten one and expected to you can login to your Ajevie account to check the status of your orders. If you're still showing as Unfulfilled, poke my email so I can see what's holding you up. :)

Here's the Highlights for this week's tasks.
1. Get Weenies Leftovers up by 5pm TODAY!!
2. Get White Larry/November Black Phoenix listing up
3. Take care of TLC Weenies packages
4. Prep for this week's scheduled updates! 
5. Get Conjure and ZOMG out by Friday
6. Start Lab Oct and Haus Processing

That's it for now!

Love & Luck,

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