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Trading Post Halloween (part one?!)

Addons, Various sizes, and unlimited stock are available until 6pm est Monday, October 1st.  At this time, the listings will be taken down so that I can gather numbers for the order.  I always do everything I can to get decants out to everyone as soon as possible, part of that is limiting the open order window with the above deadline so that Ted & the goblins (and everyone else) can start working on our lists. Listings will go back up with any pre-order space that happens to be left when I've got the order placed.  Final leftovers will be added after all the decanting is done and pre-orders are filled.

Trading Post turn around time is usually longer than the labs, sometimes by a lot.  So, you may not want to bundle them.  Rest assured if they happen to ship out at the same time, they'll be automatically combined and you'll get a shipping refund for the difference.

Trading Post Weenies Sets
Trading Post Weenies Atmosphere Sprays
Trading Post Weenies Hair Glosses
NON-Trading Post Weenies Addons 

A NOTE ABOUT CHAOS: All bottles, decants, etc will be RANDOM. As much as I pride myself on being accommodating, Weenies generate hundreds of orders and bottles and unfortunately, I just cannot check individual blends for preferences or death notes. :(  All sets will contain 5 different blends and if you order multiple singles they will also be different.

And one last note, this one about bundles in general.  We're officially in the busy season that will last basically until after Valentines releases.  This means there are so many orders in the queue that bundling can get confusing.  Let me explain with an example, lol...

Let’s say Elizabeth places a BPAL order and pays full shipping on it.  Next, she orders a Trading Post order and pays full shipping on that as well.  Finally, she places a Poesie leftovers order with 'add to bundle' shipping.  She has added the Poesie order to her last fully paid order which was the Trading Post order.  If she wants the leftovers to ship with the Labs instead, she'll include a note or email when she orders her Poesies, such as 'ship these with my Labs, please!'  I hope that helps clear up some confusion.

In closing, a little reminder to always let me know if you feel something is amiss!  I know you sweethearts sometimes don't want to 'bother' me when it's busy, but I promise you I would much rather take a few minutes to check up on your orders than find out you've been fretting about them!  And, the sooner I know about a problem, the more likely it is I can fix it. :D

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