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Leftovers & LV Rewards update!

I am happy to report that a ton of collections shipped out this morning and the Status Page has been updated. The current leftovers will be added to the shop at 5:30 PM EST on Wednesday evening. Listings may disappear from the site as I update stock, but will reappear again at the scheduled time. I'll leave them up for tonight for those of you who may want to sign up for restock notifications for specific scents. The Black Phoenix June Listing will NOT yet be added to the LV Leftovers collection but May and the other leftovers will be. :)

BPAL Sinkhole
Haus of Gloi Summer
Possets Spring 2018
Poesie Illuminate Summer
BPAL June Lunacy (June Listing)
BPAL High Priestess (June Listing)
ZOMG Smells Welcome Back

Speaking of the LV program, I have added two more reward tiers so those of you who like hoarding your points can redeem bigger amounts on a single order!

450 LV = $12 discount on the LV Leftovers collection
750 LV = $20 discount on the LV Leftovers collection

To get your discount code, just login to your Ajevie account, click the LV program button in the bottom right of your screen and follow the links to "Redeem Rewards".

The BPAL Vermont Lunacy Stock listing has also been updated with leftovers! Mind, this listing will be missing Sunday during the event and will return Monday.

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