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Summer Stars Strawberries!

A brand new perfume only collection from Haus of Gloi has arrived and is currently listed in the decant shop!

Addons, Various sizes, Sets, and Unlimited stock are available until 7pm est Tuesday, July 17th

Strawberry Black Bottom Pie
Strawberry pie filling in a buttery chocolate graham cracker crust. 

Strawberry Fields
Like standing in a field of strawberries. Sun warmed strawberries, fresh turned earth, and sun dappled green leaves. 

Strawberry Ice Cream
Creamy, custardy, strawberry ice cream with sugared strawberry topping. 

Strawberry Leviathan
Deep sea waters touched with mint and infused with strawberry. 

Strawberry Mama
Peach Mama's cousin! Lovely red strawberries with resinous incense and a splash of patchouli. 

Strawberry Musk
A warm musky blend of amber and sandalwood grounds bright tart strawberry. 

Strawberry Sparkle
Fizzy and bright! Sparkling wine with strawberry slices, white ginger flower, and gardenia petals. 

Strawberry Summer
The scent of my childhood summers. Strawberries picked from the garden, a smear of coconut sunscreen, a square of banana taffy, a gloop of sticky marshmallow and a whiff of fresh rose.

::Last Call::
Addons, Various Sizes, Sets, and Unlimited stock for Poesie's Illuminate Summer II END at 11pm est Sunday, July 15th

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