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Lucky #9 is here and Lilith is 10!

Lucky #9 soaps are handcrafted here in our studio in Vermont.  Scents, themes, and recipes are constantly evolving, so there will always be something new in the works! And everything comes with Lucky's special brand of humor. 

'Snoring Dragon's Melted Gold' is a fan favorite... "It's a well documented fact that Dragons sleep on gold, 
because they're really weird like that. But some fire sneaks out and melts some of their treasure while their snoring, and it's also a well documented fact that melted bars of dragon gold smell like Vanilla and Jasmine. Look it up on the internet if you don't believe me."

Or, maybe the new 'No Silver Lining' is more your speed...
"Just dark storms and arcs of lightning to brighten up your day! What, don't look at me like that, not everybody is happy in bright sunshine and warm temperatures. You know who likes bright and sunny? Bugs, that's who, and they're just waiting out there for you. Nature's gross like that. So stay inside and enjoy the scent of sandalwood and musk."

Celebrate with the annual Lilith collection from Black Phoenix

Addons, Various sizes, and unlimited stock are available until 5pm est Wednesday August 30th 

Absurd Origin Story
Carbonated caramel-flavored soda (that shall remain nameless) with a hint of marshmallow.

Blue Blankie
French lavender, skin musk, and a drop of rose water.

Bubbles and Unicorns
Dandelion sap and blackcurrant bud with opalescent, shimmering white musk.

Dignified. Elegant. Sophisticated.
Snake Oil and bubblegum.

Don’t Tell Me Heaven is Under the Earth
A handful of honey sticks, yesterday’s patchouli, and a dusting of cinnamon sugar.

Euterpe’s Ukulele
Wild plum, shadow oudh, osmanthus, and patchouli.

Hooligan Witches
Pumpkin cream soda, fried ice cream, and popcorn.

Improv Zombie Scene
Pink grapefruit brains, honeyed cerebral fluid, and a splash of sparkling apple cider.

Let Your Indulgence Set Me Free
A cluster of peonies, carnations, roses, lilies and sweet pea cascading over a bright vanilla smile.

Lilith Nightingale
A bundle of Ayurvedic spices warmed in cream, with a little bit of dried fig and sweet dates.

Meditation Buddy
Our meditation space smells like vanilla-laced frankincense, Florida Water, sandalwood incense, salt crystals, candle wax, and white rose petals.

Roof Goblins
Honeycrisp apples and sugared milk.

Scorched Marshmallows
Marshmallows on fire, with chocolate and graham crackers as an afterthought.

Senator Barrial
Red velvet sprinkle cupcakes with extra buttercream frosting.

Spontaneous Argumentation
Pleather and chalk dust with a handful of chewy fruit candies.

Palo santo, white sandalwood, sweet labdanum, and cedar.

The Creation of Lilith
Sweet black pomegranate, French lavender, oakmoss, ti leaf, bakhoor oudh incense, and black fig.

The Dream is Big Enough for Everyone
Honeyed fig and sugar-dusted patchouli, sweet amber oud, a drop of red currant, and vanilla cream.

The Misty Marshmallow Sugarbunnies of Niflhel
Pink bunny Peeps.

The Queen of Hel
Gleaming black leather, luminescent green amber, and gargantuan hellhound musk.

The She-Goat
Wild juniper, dry grasses, California sagebrush, Monterey cypress, and California lilacs.

The Storm
An electric blackberry violet tossed with seaspray.

Chocolate chip cookies, pretzels, caramel corn, and a little slurp of soda.

True Love
Lilith’s lavender smushed with Pickle’s coconut cream.

Whole Unto Herself
Frankincense, rose, and white lilies.


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Love & Luck,

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