-Monday Update-

Posted by Angela Espenschied on

A slew of boxes came in over the weekend! Today, we are pulling/packing/shipping Hexennacht Final Round, Nui Cobalt Autumn II, and Poesie Wuthering Heights! Which means that I won't be diving into anything else until tomorrow. But, there are lots of things happening this week!
    • CHANGE DATE: Monthly restocks usually happen on the 1st of the month, but with this being a HUGE update AND the fact that I have an out patient procedure that may or may not lay me up for a day or two this week, I am shifting the monthly restock update to 3pm est Monday the 4th. This update will include Hexennacht restock (restock list + Final round shifting to RTS), the recent Nocturne Alchemy PCs shifting to RTS, Leftovers for Poesie Wuthering Heights, Nui Cobalt Autumn II, Black Phoenix September Updates (Harvest Moon), Black Phoenix Liliths, and Possets Halloween Retour, annnnnd the Strange Fire & Fumery restock!
  • Check the Calendar tomorrow night for new deadlines! I am also going to start adding leftover/restock dates to the calendar.
  • Nocturne Alchemy Group Order! For thos interested, the NA Addons listing is live until 3pm est Wednesday October 30th for those wanting to grab last minute NAlloweens!
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