Poesie's Fools in Love!

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Fools in Love Collection

A brand new collection from Poesie that celebrates Pride and Prejudice has arrived and is currently listed in the decant shop!  The matching teas have also been added to the Addon listing!

Addons, various sizes, sets, and unlimited stock is available until 5pm est Sunday June 24th

Bright but bitter grapefruit gives way to an accord of sultry vetiver and sweet, rich vanilla

A fluffy bouquet of lilac, heliotrope, and mimosa gathered on a long walk through fresh earth, grass and clover

Fine Eyes
Tart rhubarb paired with an irresistible burst of tuberose that conquers all resistance to its charms, a spark of ginger keeps things warm and lively

Marzipan hearts, fresh raspberries, buttery slices of pound cake soaked in peach syrup and spread with white chocolate

A stunning English garden - crushed tomato leaf, flowering woodbine & wisteria, peony petals, oak and ivy leaf blend seamlessly

Twice to Tea
A strongly brewed cup of Earl Grey tea delicately infused with all natural lavender absolute, sweetened with vanilla syrup, and lightened with a splash of milk

A classic fougere accord with citrus and sage opens and is quickly corrupted by a dissipated blend of whiskey, tobacco and the polished wood of a card table

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