😠 Possible Delay 😠

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::UPDATE March 21st:: Replacement bottles have arrived!  So there is no chance of missing the deadline!

There may be a delay in processing the Post Luper 1oz sprays. :( We cracked open the box of bottles yesterday to discover that instead of sending us the fine mist caps we ordered, they sent treatment pumps. Which are very much a splut, not a mist. I've contacted the supplier (in a panic rage) but as they haven't replied yet, I've jumped ahead and ordered more rather than waiting for official replacements. It's not like we won't eventually use them all, but still!

Admittedly, we should have opened the box when we got it last month rather than trusting that it was what it said it was on the outside. Lesson learned!

In any case… I am very, very sorry if we miss our deadline, though I doubt we actually will.  There's padding in the TAT for just this sort of nonsense and I promise we're doing everything we can to avoid that.  All other sizes and products are full steam ahead!

In the good news category, all shippable Lab Lupers were picked up this morning and I am catching up on all the weekend orders right now! ❤

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