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Firstly, there are tons of parcels getting packed up today and this weekend. So, happily, the wait for most of you won’t be much longer. :3 Basically, everything but the Possets, 13, OLLA, Conjure April, and Epically Epic will be shipping out over the next 5 Business Days.

Lucky #9 Soaps will be going live by the end of the month. The current offering is a coconut free soap that uses RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) Palm. A palm free version is also being formulated. :) This is a local brand that is handmade in Vermont.

The next NAVA PC update is scheduled for May! This is your chance to weigh in on which collections you'd like to see next. These will be available in sets and minis as well as discounted decants during the pre-order! Once the pre-order is over, PCs will be periodically restocked in regular priced 1ml sizes. Any already stocked scents that have sold out will also be restocked.

The VApothecary
Gods, Goddess, & Deity
Cities of the Dead (COTD)
Pharaohs & Queens
Techno Bastet
Egyptian Temples & Cities
Egypt & Her Wonders
Dragons, Gargoyles, & Mythology
Meditation with the Gods (MWTG)
The Library
Essential Temples
Desecrated Tomb

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