Death and Floral Mid-October (pre-order)

Death and Floral

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Cookie Cat
A swirling blend of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice cream sandwich with a frozen chill

Hot pumpkin spice latte and sticky caramel popcorn dripping in caramel sauce

Dawn Of The Dragonsblood
Dragonsblood and fiery lava accord blended with myrrh-covered roses

Fossilized Amber Resin
True, pure fossilized amber resin diluted in professional grade, direct-from-the-distillery sunflower oil. Aromatic profile of smokiness, tar, wood, and balsamic undertones

MX Mcjangles
Gourd pumpkin and incense, tangled with black wisteria

Beware The Autumn People
Cotton candy and funnel cakes promise a night of bubbly fun, while the warm summer night air threatens to tell a different story. Caramel apples littered on the dry earth, as if they were abandoned in a hurry. Crunchy pistachio shelves crack under hurried feet. A quiet and almost translucent woman in a large debutante hat watches from the distance. ‘I’ve seen this before, it’s nothing new.’ As she quietly sips her sweet tea

Crunchy Baguette
The warm sniff of bread upon entering a bakery, sweet and savory breads piled into a cafe, with the soft hint of coconut bonbons and fresh tarts lingering in the background

Eight Minutes Of Light And Heat Left When The Sun Dies
Pulpy coconut water and sweet Thai tea, blended with soft orange blossoms and a scorching desert thunderstorm looming in the distance

Flee From Me, Keepers Of The Gloom
Sweet, crunchy fall leaves and warm cedar blended with honeysuckle and soft peonies laid on a bed of warm amber

I Could Never Stay Long Enough On The Shore
A quiet and empty beach full of barren miles of white sand, under a cool night moon. The soft smell of old, salty boardwalk wood in the air. A small hint of smoke in the air from a distant fire, warmth on the edge of the cold winter coastline

The More I Give To You, The More I Die
A velvet top hat delicately blended with fancy silk robes sitting in a room made of cold stone. A tinge of cold metal mixed with the finest green absinthe and black musk

Someday I’ll Get On That Train
Earth grass underfoot, the morning after a long rainy spring night. Warm morning air and the far off scent of sweet tobacco and forgotten linens swaying in the early breeze

Summer Night Delight
A woodsy and dry blend of Arabian sandalwood and slightly spiced Egyptian musk, laid on a bed of warm cardamom and coconut husks blended with the sweetest and juiciest blood orange, a slightly sweet buttery caramel lingering in the background

Texas Picnic
A delightful Texas picnic with a fresh vase of jasmine on a red checkered blanket, soft orange blossoms, puffy honey cakes, and delightful egg custard washed down with delicious boba tea

Vienna Waits For You
Steaming hot chocolate blended with delicious sweet bread, on a chilly autumn night. Crispy leaves piled on the sidewalk and a light whiff of the flannel linen wrapped around your shoulder

We Took The Gig For The Mileage Write Off
A waft of a gasoline puddle outside of the stop’n’go, quiet night air surrounding the car parked under flickering fluorescent lights, a tiny tinge of salty sweat, the milky scent of quiet and happy dog feet, asleep in the back seat

When The Shadows Burn Brighter Than The Embers
Dusty desert sand under an aging afternoon sun, lavender and sweet grass wafting in the air surrounding the Smokey remnants of a recently deceased fire. Smoke and ash surround the perfumed woman, who smells of slight spice and Black musk

When The Veil Is Thinnest
A warm bonfire on a chilly autumn night. Crunchy leaves underfoot and Smokey, warm marshmallows roasting over an open barrel blended with warm apple cider donuts

You Are Our May Queen!
Chrysanthemums, hyacinths, and bright red poppies laid on a bed of stark white linen sitting upon a pile of bluegrass. Blended with green tea and hallucinogenic juniper leaves



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