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Death and Floral

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Autumn Honey
Light honey and autumnal spices blended with cloves and fresh apples

Black Forest Honey
Blackened honey musk, deep and rich with a hint of blackstrap molasses. A dark gourmand experience.

Dark, burnt honey mead with hints of toffee and whiskey

Cherry Fizzy

Dark Honey Patchouli
Darkened black honey blended with earthy patchouli, honey with earthy undertones

Golden Honey
Light golden honey and sweetened oudh, a divine luxurious honey with bold richness.

Honey Amber
Golden brown summer honey, mixed with amber resins and lightly sweetened with rum

Herbal black tea and honey with a slight floral undertone, CO2 extract

Green and floral honey, not sweetened. Deep Honey of the earth

Honey Vanilla Musk
Golden Honey blended with sweet vanilla musk attar

I am a Rich Man
Vanilla bean cut with vetiver, swirled over raw animal musk (vegan) and blended with tuberose.

Love First and Live Incidentally
Sweet marmalade accord (lemons+orange rind+honey) blended with linden blossoms and hyacinths

Mad Women and Bad Habits
A pool full of Bright, sparkling citrus champagne, blended with lemon and soft lavender. An ode to a life of excess and slowly going mad.

Milk and Honey
Calming and soothing creamy spring honey blended with milk

Rose-water Seltzer

Sparkling Ginger Soda

Strawberry Spritzer Pop

This is red! And so am I!
A recreation of a famous long lost perfume, ‘isadora.’ All credit goes toward the original perfumer, Robert benson. This is my professional recreation as a perfumer.
Top notes of Bergamot, geranium, mint, and orange blossoms, Middle notes of Jasmine, Bulgarian rose, iris, French lavender, spices
Base notes of Oakmoss, sandalwood, musk, Russian leather, opponax, vanilla

Vanilla Cola-Pop

Vintage Cream Soda

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