Nui Cobalt Autumn Part I Leftovers

Nui Cobalt Autumn Part I Leftovers

Nui Cobalt

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Au Bal Masqué
The sheer, spectral scent of elegant ghosts waltzing through the haunted halls of an abandoned palace. Nepalese virgin cashmere, cotton flower, vanilla spun sugar, labdanum, and the wafting memory of white funeral lilies. Wear this scent to attract benevolent spirits and to honor the beloved dead.

Baby Pumpkin
A scent to inspire sweetness and affection. Homemade maple pumpkin bread with Autumn harvest honey, spiced with nutmeg and clove, drizzled with salted caramel, and dotted with Turkish apricot. Wear when you're in the mood for gentle hugs, earnest compliments, and warm appreciation.

Black Cat
A traditional folk magic blend for fast luck and abundant blessings.
Darkly sweet pipe tobacco, blackcurrant, and chai spices amid the swirling smoke of sacred nag champa and myrrh. Wear this dusky potion to invoke protection and great fortune.

Blood Curse
A protection blend that is not to be trifled with. Sicilian figs, oak-aged Bordeaux, Tunisian incense, blackcurrant preserves, Louisiana pralines, tart dried cherry, a spritz of red grapefruit and smooth sanguine musk. Wear to send any jinx or malefaction back to where it came from. It's been known to bring swift and severe punishment to those of ill intent.

Cauldron Cider
Comfort in a bottle. A warm brew of honeycrisp apples simmered for days with ginger root, black clove bud, cardamom, cassia, and star anise. Wear this cozy blend for solace and resolution. Anoint mojo bags for peace of mind and a general sense of well-being.

Crown of Hecate 2018
Enchanted on the day of the Solar Eclipse in the 21st degree of Cancer, this blend evokes the ancient mysteries of the Sacred Feminine in her dark aspect. Moonflower and myrrh over almond milk tea, shining white amber, and a pillow of sheer vanilla. Wear this potent blend to invoke the Goddess and to inspire Her divinity within you. It is particularly supportive of people in crisis, survivors of abuse, and defenders of socio-economic equity.

Drunk Pumpkin
A boozy scent to honor the spirits and celebrate the change of seasons. An oversized pumpkin punchbowl filled with hot apple cider, Caribbean dark rum, Tennessee whiskey, cinnamon sticks, ginger root and a twist of lemon. Wear when navigating life's big changes, and to summon help from beyond the Veil.

An Autumnal sleeping spell to rival our acclaimed Tryptophan. Cemetary stones enshrouded in mist, wild English lavender, rain, and freshly turned earth. Wear this scent before going to bed for restorative rest and pleasant dreams.

An earthy manifestation blend for bringing your wishes into material reality. Fig trees, moss-covered mahogany, black patchouli infused with High John the Conqueror root, smoked vetiver, lichen and stone. Wear to attract abundance or anoint green candles in rituals for wealth.

A bracing purification blend to cleanse yourself and your space. Snow-covered spruce, rock moss, chilled Earl Grey and pale frankincense. Anoint your pulse points to banish negativity or add a few drops to an oil diffuser to cleanse and protect your home.

A vampiric fragrance for seduction and allure. Mulled wine infused with blood orange, pomegranate, and cherry, smoldering dragon's blood resin, and a velvet-lined mahogany coffin strewn with red roses. Wear when in pursuit of prey or add to love-drawing baths to amplify their power.

Flaming Pumpkin
A powerful prosperity blend to quickly draw abundant wealth and success. Two types of patchouli, fresh ginger root, woodsmoke, burnt brown sugar, and Jarrahdale pumpkin pureed with nutmeg and a spritz of blood orange. Anoint green or gold candles to add oomph to your money spells, or wear when you're ready to ask for that raise.

Gate of Autumn
The air turns electric as daylight hours wane toward the tipping-point of the year. This evocative blend is a paean to the Autumnal Equinox, a time of transformation. It evokes the bountiful blessings of the season, attracting prosperity, fulfillment, and great fortune. Woodland notes of wild fig, ancient oak, scarlet maple leaves and viscous dark resin.

Ghost Cat
A fuzzy phantasm to guide and guard you as you pierce the Veil. Cashmere, white amber, and ethereal ivory musk with blushing peony and pink peppercorn toe beans. Wear this spectral scent to call upon the aid of friendly spirits. Anoint white or lavender candles in rituals of divination or mediumship.

Ginger Cat
A playful blend to banish malaise, lift your spirits, and ignite vitality.
Crystallized ginger and raisins baked into warm pumpkin bread with caramel drizzle, candied orange peel, homemade apricot jam and the subtlest sprinkle of cardamom. Wear this cozy perfume when you need to shake off the doldrums and brighten your mood.

Grey Cat
An ode to my very own regal and ridiculous familiars. Dry smoked vanilla, fluffy marshmallow creme, fresh blueberries, the gentlest touch of lavender and a warm cup of Earl Grey. Wear this comforting blend to attract friendship, allies, and supportive people. It's a potent addition to a Honey Jar or any spellcraft for sweetening relationships.

A witch will always find a way. Deprived of pens and ink by social or economic restrictions, soot may be gathered from old fires, spent candles, or guttered oil lamps to produce a worthy pigment. Beeswax, woodsmoke, black myrrh, burnt sugar, clove buds and mulled wine. Wear this dark potion to enhance your own magickal talents and amplify your powers of manifestation.
* Not vegan. This blend is infused with ethically sourced bee pollen.

Owl in the Oak Tree
The golden Autumnal sister of Yultide's Owl in the Evergreen. Tawny feathers and bright amber eyes hold a steady gaze among the changing leaves. Regal oakwood, sugar maple and mahogany, slender white limbs of birch, and cold rocks covered in emerald moss. Wear this woodland blend to align with the spirits of Nature and the galvanizing energy of the forest.

Pumpkin Cupcake
A comforting scent to ease your mind and soothe your nerves. Whipped white pumpkin between layers of angel food cake, marshmallow frosting, and a light dusting of allspice. Wear in times of stress to keep a level head and a positive attitude.

Silver Bullet
Wolf musk accord with wild white currant, chilled clary sage, dried lavender, lime leaves, and a subtle hint of almond bark infused with homegrown hyssop, lemon verbena, and white peppercorn. Wear this soothing potion in stressful situations or when you feel the stirrings of the savage beast within.

Starlight & Spider Silk
Swift and skillful, her instinct's artistry glimmers with deadly precision. This beguiling blend empowers you to ensnare the objects of your desire and attract every manner of earthly delight. Slender strands of cotton flower hung with trembling dewdrops, cold crystalline musk, and tiny black vanilla beans.

The Veil is Thin
A potion for seances, mediumship, and communing with the ancestors.
Chilled opalescent musk entwined with sheer vanilla orchid, white heliotrope, and pale citrus infused with mugwort, borage, and blue yarrow. Wear this diaphanous scent to walk between the worlds and speak with the spirits. Anoint white or purple candles to heighten psychic sensitivity.

Wicked Pumpkin
A sexy potion that's sure to make you the belle of any masquerade ball. Sandalwood musk and dark patchouli with maple sugar, peach skin, cardamom, and freshly baked pumpkin pie. Wear to awaken your inner temptress and ensnare the object of your desire.

Wine Moon Serpent
Almond and coconut milks soften a luminous blend of gardenia, Tahitian monoi, star jasmine, and tuberose lifted by lemon zest, cucumber seed, and champagne. Wear this lunar potion to shake off the constrictions of the past and invoke the powers of transformation.
* Not vegan. This blend is infused with ethically sourced snake skin.

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