Possets Halloween Retour D-F Leftovers


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Possets Halloween Retour

Damned if you Do
Brown sugar drenched in a crunchy crust of turbinado sugar, a hint of molasses and a very very light dusting of clove and allspice to keep things from going cloying.

Damned if you Don't
Cannabis and sandalwood vie for your attention while a grey musk plays in the background and a good dose of galbanum gives a green and glorious glow to it all.

The Dance of the Heretics
Five ambers, crystal skin musk, a very small amount of white pepper, and incense to lead you down the garden path with great enjoyment.

Dancing With The Sprites In The Fall Rain
A fabulously dry and sophisticated take on fallen leaves, wet days, and overcast autumn skies. The ozone/water of dank, a hint of mushroom musk. Overall, there is a huge resemblance to lavender but it is not lavender. As a huge wood hides its secrets from you, this blend is a morpher for sure. Dry.

Sweetbriar makes an appearance lending it's zest to the whole, while root oils hold the bottom half down, particularly vetiver and ginger. There is a splash of booze and a few autumn plums in the mix to give it an air of being a luxurious rest rather than drippy.

Danse Macabre
Saint-Säens. Strong black tea and leather, a hint of black musk and a top note of lemon zest.

A thick and perfumy blend with a heavy dose of Frankincense to start off, black musk and fig. No greenery with it but a good layer of an almost burnt sugar and an animalic undercurrent which somehow becomes very light and sweet when breathed out.

The Dark Woods
Bitter oak gall and rue combine with dandelion milk, pepper, and sandalwood.

The Dead Garden
Tomatoes which were basking in the intense sun just weeks ago are covered with frost crystals, melons are half eaten by the deer but void of ants, the stems and leaves are browning yellow with just a tinge of green where robust green was.

Dead Man's Curve (100% Natural)
Turmeric and ginger, Pink peppercorn and a big wallop of darkest patchouli and a dot of vetiver. A deadly beauty, unstable but earthy, pleasantly volatile.

Death Apple
A crisp strong apple center, loads of brown sugar crusting throughout, a goodly dollop of Scottish Whiskey poured generously in the center of it all, with fresh pecans dotting the outside, and a small whiff of oatmeal and coriander to tickle your nose.

Lilac, for some reason, finds its way into Depression and is perfectly fit to stay. This one is perfumy and feminine, wise and I will say wistful not entirely sad. Beautiful in a "doomed beauty" sort of a way! Floral.

Doped Pumpkin
Deep in the throes of reefer madness, clinging woozily to the shreds of respectability by burning incense and covering up with resins from Sweet Arabia. This pumpkin isn't fooling anyone. But it sure smells good. Dry, perfumy.

Dracula Rising
Dark, dark, dark. The scent of earth (from Transylvania), combined with the blackest fig, and black aged Patchouli. Then a layer of the most lovely black sandalwood.

Drama Queen
Black fig and a hint of hemp. Dark galbanum and a side of black fern. A small amount of a tarry black musk blend.

Drunkin Punkin'
The best of both worlds, the smooooth and suave pumpkin with his spices and the tangy brown liquor smell. I love this stuff. Unisex, a bit spice like, smooth, dry.

(Underworld) Thick blackest vanilla combines with the scent of earth (not the loamy sort but more flinty), a bit papery and with the fragrance of the last bits of light and incense. Oriental, resin, incense.

Embalming Unguent (100% Natural)
Cassia, cedar oil, myrrh, and palm oil. It's a woody but high keyed very herbal smelling blend, but there is something thick, brown and lingering about it which makes it the perfect sort of autumn to winter blend. **Please note that this might not be kind to ultra sensitive skin, if you want to try this, please do a patch test first. You might want to wear it in a scent locket if you have any skin reaction to it.

An ambergris musk combined with a hay like accord of sweet wild dry grasses.

Sure you get a whiff of black gunpowder and a leathery part which makes me think of a leather clad figure rushing by you. But there is a strong spicy backbeat to this thanks to the inclusion of black pepper and a very small amount of coriander.

The Feather of Maat
A dark crystal musk (!) oozes up against a more golden musk, white amber, and a kiss of the volatile part of apple peel.

The Female Souls of the Night
This is all soft edged, animalic muskiness, civety veils, floral hallucinations of jasmine, and wet longing night. VERY sexual. ALL woman, NO limits.

Feral 2012
crystalline and Africa, combine with a very unshy dose of copal, and a strong blanket of pumpkin candy-like essence tops it off. A very complex scent, as chaos often is, but at the same time the rawness of it all holds it together without its being a foody fragrance.

Fire of Hell
Brown sugar, cane sugar, and caramel are put together with pepper and a scent of an electrical fire. This cozies down to a very comforting blend which is the essence of foodiness but in a totally non foody and almost liquor like way.

I put honey and hot pepper together for a mind tingling experience and put it together with an opposite element, the bitter and fabulous chypre.

The Flirty She-Corpse
Italian bergamot, Georgia white peach, sambac jasmine, French oakmoss, and American cedar wood marry together in this rich and beautiful surprise combinations.

Frankincense in three forms is the beginning of this blend, VERY strong belt of Frankincense indeed! Oude, thick green musk, a grand spice melange, and a hint of sandalwood. Very strong and very long lasting. Slightly animalic but in the sexiest way.

Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil
Apples, big, tart, juicy, honeyed apples with a bad chypre and a good chypre in the background and it's a perfume with a way to pinball you between the two moral extremes in the most provocative way.

The Funeral Dirge
(Chopin). Dried leaves, brown musk, molasses liquor, dandelion, tomato leaf, and violet leaf. This is a dignified and poignant blend, yes it is haunting and alluring at the same time.

The Funeral March of a Marionette
Mahogany, cedar, white sandalwood, wet loblolly, a bit of salt, some orange pekoe tea, a wilted rose bouquet, a whiff of brass.


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