Possets Spring Retour P-S Leftovers

Possets Spring Retour P-S Leftovers


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Spring Retour 

Patient Grizelda
Violet for humility, iris for courage, sandalwood for patience (because it is long lasting) and finally sweet flag for something which shows its true nature when trodden upon.

Pepys Green Pepys
A bit of the sweetest and least volatile of mints combined with a bit bit bit of lime and a great big slath of melted marshmallow for openers.

Pepys Blue Pepys
White musk and marshmallows, a tiny bit of extra sugar and a little bit of cottony candy sort of a smell, with a tot of burnt sugar and a whiff of a light light fresh air smell.

Pepys Pink Pepys
These are the most sticky and gooey smelling of the bunch. Unabashed sugary sensation with sticky over-the-top fruity associations.

Pepys Yellow Pepys
A whiff of banana and a slight zest of lemon which pairs up so nicely with the marshmallows underneath it all holding it together and keeping it in the family.

Pineapple and the smoothest of custards dripping with cream and vanilla.

Smooth brown sugar and cream mix with a twist of funnel cake and a light addition of pineapple juice and a dusting of sweet spices for an alluring foody combination that is out of this world.

(Silver Lime)
The perfect wonder of freshest lime and the famous "silver' accord dancing along with a few secret enhancements.

Grapefruit zest and a cold and salty aquatic remind you of the first days of spring, combined with a bit of fougere and a good helping of herbaceous accord and a nice bit of rue and a hint of elimi.

100% Natural Wet stone and a fuzzy dark olive green scent, strong and sharp like platinum.

Pink grapefruit, a glorious musk, and a small proportion of an incense-like and glowing "cool resin" kind of a special Indian "green oude".

Heavy cold musk and bright crystal musk, a drop of galbanum and a kiss of myrrh.

Portrait Of A Lady
A combination of lovely cupped old roses and modern florist's roses combined with that unique scent of wet stone for balance.

Hyacinth and lily of the valley lead the way in this procession of spring flowers, slightly dry but with a touch of sweetness, a non-floral floral, a waft of sweetness about it but overall just about perfectly pitched.

100% Natural Rose geranium combined with anise is a really bubbly and lovely blend.

Quantum Interconnect
Black amber, black musk, black lavender, black coffee, black oude, black tea. Mmmmmm. Really good.

A stone-like scented accord combined with a melange of spice, a waft of capsicum and the beauty of a bit of love-in-a-mist.

Red Shift
Strong red fruit and a sharp peppery background.

Dark tears of myrrh, green moss, and lively fougere. There is a light edge of luan wood and a very small kiss of a brown musk.

The finest of burgundy, the richest of scents. Very red, very lovely, very smooth. Hints of pomegranate with a background of vanilla and oak, a drift of black pepper, with overtones of black currant.

Sanctum Sanctorum
Deep and ferny green fragrance covered with the crystals of a slight vanilla, lemon zest-like backdrops with just a kiss of patchouli and vetiver to ground it all.

Schrodinger's Mouse
Coconut dust and sugar and honey and a bit of toasted grain.

Bright starry crystalline musk and cast a foreground of darker more resinous things to enchant: aged patchouli, deep woody vanilla, a goodly jolt of sandalwood, white oude, a pearly clove scent, a fat vanilla, a black vanilla, and natural tonka bean infusion.

A drop of rose and a bit of white musk blending with a small amount of lily.

Solid Gold Bangles
Light pomegranate syrup combined with a golden sweet musk, a hint of sandalwood for a serious basenote, and pear. Fruity, musky, and very golden. (A personal favorite - Angi)

The true essence of a jelly bean, yes, this is the True plain white jelly bean (faber jellius beanus Americanus et Britannicus et Gaullus est) and I hope you love it.

Montmorency cherry is brushed with glorious fresh ground Italian coffees and finally encased in excellent white chocolate.

St. Cecelia
A bed of roses, myrrh, along with a small amount of oude. A lovely sort of a blend and I like it especially on a bright blue day in spring.

Sterling Swizzle Stick
A bitter amber with a tot of vanilla of the more dry variety, muhuhu adds a definite metallic tang all finished off with the lees of the grapes.

Orris root, dry and radically chic, quintessentially French and delightfully inchoate, married with green stems in the nicest way (and all of the bitterness removed), sandalwood, and a small amount of myrtle. This is the fun and cool beauty of being an adult.


Decants=8x35mm vials, Minis=5/8 dram. Full sized bottles are stocked at Possets.  As limited edition collections, these scents will be allowed to sell out.