Possets Spring Retour T-Z Leftovers

Possets Spring Retour T-Z Leftovers


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Spring Retour 

Terra Bella
The finest Jamaican ginger, a bit of honey, and drop of almond for the top note, and a jot of pink peppercorn to bring up the rear.

Terra Diurna
The scent of warm red shiny strawberries flirts with the fragrance of pinks and the two hues flirt with each other as well. A slight bit of greenery and a sparkle of water completes this olfactory sketch of the delights of the beginning of the growing season.

Perfume and a heady mix of big flowers, Thaw says in scent what you are thinking as you see your sweetie coming toward you in the good strong new sunlight. Thaw is for men and women, honeyed in many ways, sweet but not overly so in the foody department. Foody, dry, minty.

The Countess
A "summer chypre" made cooling by the addition of pink Indian River grapefruit zest and something which I call "igneous musk" because it is a stone-like musk which is quite unusual and very arousing.

The Floral Chaplet
Jasmine, blue lilac with a very lovely white musk which has a slightly animalic edge to it which fully compliments the jasmine and keeps the lilac from becoming too "bossy”.

The Girls Love Chocolate
A thick chocolate shell covering a center of semi-crystallized honey which crunches ever so appealingly as you bite into it. The honey is of the very high class sort, not at all cloying and very fresh.

The Grace of the Posset
This was something like the foam on cappuccino. The thicker and more substantial part of the posset lay underneath. So creamy and yummy was the "grace" that I wanted to recreate it here for you in the spring. Lighter than the Yule Posset but with a sweet and insinuating creaminess, cut with enough non-sweet parts to make it a succulent wonder.

The Great Housewife of Babylon
Rich aromas of deep black musks combined with almost choking smoke from incense braziers going all the time. A hard edge of thick black tea, and a mighty wallop of tobacco resin. Spicy and resinous.

The Knight
A simple, beautiful, masculine fragrance which can actually be worn by anyone. A light light scrap of the softest leather combines with a drop of tobacco flower and fern.

The Mink Hairshirt
Oude, paired along with yuzu peel, a touch of leather and a kick of chypre.

The Queen's Strawberries
The most luscious strawberries with clotted cream flown over from the Cotswolds.

The White Crow
A white leaf sage (more like Tuscan herbal accompaniment), lambs ear (again a white leafed desert plant) with a cascade of distant white flowers from the Eastern woodland, and a drop of white tea.

The Wife of Bath
Deep thunky musk from a smoky source, wild animalic and beautiful lacy jasmine, a drop of honey, a thrill of oak and a bit of rare and highly aged vanilla from Madagascar.

Tidal Wave
Cherry blossom mixed with aquatics and splintered green woods. A sad yet poignant blend, beautiful but lachrymose.

Lime and strong rye, a bit of unsettling whiff of mint when someone left the door open to sober up all the merrymakers.

Yes, there is the true scent of bacon shot throughout this offering, BUT it is married with BUTTER!!! Great mother of pearl, but the degeneracy doesn't stop there, it is wrapped in the most gossamer of phyllo pastry, and coated in Anatolian honey!

An unapologetic floral and it reminds me of a huge field of tulips in Holland, all waving in the spring breeze and they are all purple, blue, and white.

Van Gogh Desecrated For Charity
Honey, and plenty of it, on top of vanilla (in the gooiest of all manifestations, the Mexican persuasion) and a spot of an amazing sugar musk which is an exceptionally powerful elixir!

A bright yellow golden musk combined with a light sugary accord, golden hawthorne, lush pink citrus paradisii and a small amount of bukhoor (Arabian incense).

Vernal Moon
Blue musk, pink musk, and a bit of a new silk essence I found. There is coolness about this blend, but in general it is an indefinable perfumy scent with a foody bent more in the way of a seductive insinuation rather than an in-your-face sort of food.

Sandalwood acts as a seductive and earthy base for a bed of grapefruit and refined grapefruit expressed oil to lie down on. White and pink grapefruit, a concentrate of grapefruit which is meant to make it last longer than the lilt of fleeting topnote.

Decants=8x35mm vials, Minis=5/8 dram. Full sized bottles are stocked at Possets.  As limited edition collections, these scents will be allowed to sell out.