Possets Yule Retour A-B Leftovers


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Possets Yule Retour 


Adagio For Strings
Rose, soft honey, and pink pepper with white musk and a small amount of saffron.

Agnes Sorel
Toasted sugar and a deep drought of clotted cream which conceals a well of brandy and a tiny amount of 'nard.

Air On A G-String
(JS Bach) Cranberries through smoke with a couple of secret ingredients for a nice background against which to play. Fruity, sweet, smoky, cutting edge.

The All Chocolate Dinner
Bring on the milk and dark chocolate and while you are at it, haul out the rum to wash it all down. Make that a rum toddy, with a nice fat pat of butter in it.

All Sinners Day
The sweet smell of deep fried souls combines with one of the most sophisticated dry and austere vanillas.

All The Sweets
Wintergreen soft mints, a profusion of fruits and a hint of spice. For foody lovers everywhere.

All Those Things Whose Bite Can Bring
Cold and minty eucalyptus with pine and a background of deceptive vanilla. It does have a bite but that is due to a bitter almond/holly berry-like ingredient at it s core. Not your average fir. A very stony heart.

Rose (the universal odor of sanctity) and sweetest spun sugar, a small amount of the lovely sweet olive fragrance and a kiss of lilac. Just plain old beautiful.

Animal Angel
Ginger and a bit of the patchouli with a lot of coriander and cardamom and a jolt of cumin to give it a sweet/sweaty edge. I have a very animalic musk which wandered in in a very small amount. A hit of teak, and finally a shot of golden musk.

Violet and black musk, honey and a pollen like turmeric.

The Babe
Small and beautiful rose buds combined with a lightest lilt of spring flower, the color lightest blue, and and small lovely and indefinable scent of a baby's head which makes you want to nuzzle it.

Bad Habit
The very best frankincense has been aged until it's a very dark, thick and syrupy brew indeed, combine this with a drop or two of galingal, a small amount of potent orris root, and bring the whole thing up with a twist of pink pepper.

100% Natural The absolute real deal, Balthazar contains the best frankincense I have ever had the pleasure of working with, along with the strange and compelling back up of myrrh. The two resins are knit together with a 100% natural golden amber blend which is gorgeous.

Banana Cream Pie
I just hate banana creme pie. Hate it. I would turn my nose up at just about all of them until I was served one made by a friend of mine from New Orleans. I was horrified at how good it was, how the bananas were not the harsh silly ingredients they turn into in the hands of lesser chefs, the bananas became the star of the confection but were perfectly tempered by sweet cream (not pseudo "creme") reduced to a custard and sweetened with cane sugar. There were very light and barely detectable spices kissing the mixture, and it was all held in the thinnest and most darkly golden lacy crust I have ever beheld. Pie of the Gods. This blend just about perfectly replicates the experience. It uses banana as a precious and valued part of the scent, rather than as a silly novelty and the result is captivating. Surprisingly sexy.

Yum, yum sugar plum and cream and a drop of calendula.

Bayeaux Tapestry
Sea salt, sea fog, bruised dog rose leaves, a ferrous note.

A scent of wet stone in the background, the field where it was built and a mournful feel of what happened there. A light dusting of ambient air and a bit of the sweet flag which was strewn about the floor of the old buildings. A beautiful and a bit sad fragrance, stately with a bit of the androgynous about it.

Beethoven's Fifth
Lime as the top note, with bottom notes of: 3 ambers, aged patchouli, two frankincenses, and dry pekoe tea.

Sharp and masculine but with an easy suave nature. Bike is the sort of fragrance Steve McQueen would wear. Lavender and lime, a good dose of amber to hold it all together. Sportive without being too "toothy", very sexual but clean. Memorable.

Bird's Nest In The Cowl
Very gourmandy with a bitter chocolate, bread pudding with Bavarian cream sauce, and European Gingerbread on top. Mmmmm!

Black Death
Vetiver from Haiti is the thick undermat, building up on a foundation of chypre and black musk. A hint of earth and a purr of black pepper. Galbanum makes for a mournful and stone like note. The smoke of a distant fire and a black musk with an abiding sexuality.

Black Prince
A thick lavender but getting serious into a black musk, artemesia gives a slight vanilla undertone while maintaining a sage-y volatile uptake to it all.

Black River
An almost indestructible and ineluctable blend of resins which is deep incense combined with dark velvety vanilla wood.

Blue Danube
Blue musk, blue berry, angelica.

Lilac and crystal musk.

Bottled Happiness
Rich violet leaf and a good dose of iris, a kiss of black musk and mere hint of leather.

Every Yuletide collection needs a scent which is pure balsam and spruce, cypress and holly and whatever is decking the halls. Boughs is wonderful for putting on a cotton ball and hiding in the artificial tree. It is all that is lovely in the forest at this time of year, and a treat in a simmer pot for fragrances. A holiday must.

Bridal Chorus
(Wagner) There is a lot of hawthorne here, a very sugary musk, a kiss of what I call a "silly musk" and it's all about silky skin, girly-ness and great fun.

The Burning Xmas Tree
Rich dark arabica Coffee, soft brown leather, balsam fir, and smoke.

Buttermilk Pie
Divinely delicious buttermilk, butter, sugar, and the most perfect pie crust which has ever been made.


Decants=8x35mm vials, Minis=5/8 dram bottles.  Full sized bottles are stocked at Possets Perfume.   As limited edition collections, these scents will be allowed to sell out.