Monthly Bundle Shipping


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Bundle shipping allows you to combine orders into one package to save on shipping costs.  There is a small handling fee of $.40 included in the bundle shipping at checkout.

Adding this monthly bundle item to your cart tells me to hold the order until the end of that month.  If you'd like me to hold your order for an unspecified time, just put 'HOLD' or something similar in your notes at checkout.  If you do not add the monthly item or a note, your package will ship when all your bundled orders are fulfilled.  Adding this item to a normal, already-in-progress bundle will change it to a Monthly bundle.  Adding a different month to a previous bundles month will change it to the new month!  For example, adding a July bundle item onto a June bundle order will update the entire bundle to July.

You can add to any unshipped order whenever you like simply by choosing the Bundle shipping option at checkout on the order you wish to add on.  If you use the bundle shipping and do not have a previously paid order, you will be invoiced for the remainder of the shipping due.  Additional shipping may be due if your package is heavy enough that it has to be bumped to the next weigh bracket or shipped priority rather than first class. 

All monthly bundles ship at the END of the stated month.  Monthly bundles that aren't ready by the end of the month become normal bundles and will ship as soon as they are complete.

    You can contact me at with any questions, or if you'd like to cancel a bundle and have your orders shipped separately, but there will be additional shipping due.