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Add This Order to My Previous Order
Bundle shipping allows you to combine orders into one package or add to a previous order to save on shipping costs. There is a small handling fee of $.40 associated with this service.  You can add to any unshipped order whenever you like simply by adding this item to your cart.  BE AWARE: The bundle shipping option will NOT appear in your checkout options UNLESS you have this item in your cart!! Additional shipping may be due if your package is heavy enough that it has to be bumped to the next weigh bracket or shipped priority rather than first class.

We cannot retroactively add the bundle shipping to orders that have full shipping paid, but if they all end up shipping on the same shipping label, it will process a refund for the difference then. :)

Do Not Ship Until…
Adding this bundle label to your cart tells me not to ship the order right away. 

If you'd like me to hold your order for an unspecified time use the 'Do Not Ship Until I Ask For It' option.  As we are regularly organizing 1,000+ orders at any given moment, we cannot keep track of specific date requests en masse.  You will need to request your package when you are ready for it to ship.  You can do this either by email or via the notes section of a new order.

Monthly Bundle Option.  All monthly bundles ship at the END of the stated month. Monthly bundles that aren't ready by the end of the month become normal bundles and will ship as soon as they are complete.  Adding this item to a normal, already-in-progress bundle will change it to a Monthly/hold bundle. Adding a different month to a previous bundle will change it to the new month! For example, adding a July bundle item onto a June bundle order will update the entire bundle to July.

If you do not add a Do Not Ship label to your package it will ship when all your bundled orders are fulfilled. 

You can contact me at with any questions.  Bundle regret is a thing!  If you ever want to change a bundle, just email me above and request a 'split n ship'.  Whatever you request will be shipped asap and you will receive an invoice for the shipping of the second half of the bundle


Signature Confirmation US ONLY
A delivery record is kept by USPS and available electronically or by email, upon request. You must be present to sign for your package.  ID may be requested.  Limited availability to APO/FPO/DPO locations and certain Freely Associated States.


Shipping Insurance
Here you can insure your package against loss and damage.   Please be aware that if a package is marked as delivered, it is no longer insured!!  This will not cover packages damaged or stolen AFTER delivery.  Concerned about an UNinsured package?  You can still ask USPS to do a search!

If you need me to file a claim, please read the following guide and email me at  Claims must be submitted and received within one hundred (100) calendar days of the shipment date.  If the claim is for loss we must wait twenty (20) calendar days (Domestic shipments) or 40 calendar days (International shipments) before filing the claim.  Please note that insured international packages must include customs forms with the Entire value of the package.

The Fine Print…
All packaging material and damaged goods must be kept in the original form as received. Packaging and damaged goods should not be disposed of, released to the shipping carrier, or returned to the seller before a claim is completed as photographs will be required. Failure to comply can result in the denial of the claim.

The following countries are NOT insurable… Afghanistan, Angola, Bolivia, Burma, Congo, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Ivory Coast (Cote d’Ivoire), Liberia, Nigeria, North Korea, Paraguay, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela. Any location that would be in violation of any U.S. economic or trade sanctions including OFAC Restricted Countries.

For shipments to Russian and other Commonwealth of Independent States countries (includes Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Russian Federation, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan) coverage ceases upon touchdown of the aircraft at the airport of destination or upon discharge from the overseas vessel at the destination discharge port.