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Dreaming of October
Bulgarian lavender, cream, pumpkin spice, rice flower, petitgrain, and shea.

Dreaming of Halloween
Lavender maillette, candy corn, dark chocolate, toffee, pumpkin, toasted hazelnut, marshmallow, and mugwort.

Dreaming of November
High elevation lavender, apple orchard accord, apple cider, fallen leaves, pear, and chimney smoke.

Dreaming of December
Lavender maillette, first snow fall accord, spiced sugar plums, frankincense, cranberry, white spruce, birch, and soft blanket accord.

Dreaming of an Evening Out
Lavender absolute, wild lavender, champagne, sakura blossom, green cognac, and crystal stemware accord.

Dreaming of Softness
Bulgarian lavender, violets, violet leaf, and sugary salt water taffy.



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