Death and Floral January New Releases (pre-order)

Death and Floral

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While we work as quickly as humanly possible, we Do Not Guarantee that you will always have your samples while the manufacturer has the scent available. This is especially true for super small release windows such as for special holidays that may only be online a few days or collections with a limited production.

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Slinks = .74 ml vials
Slonks = .92 ml bottles
Chonks = 2.3 ml bottles
Fulls = Original retail bottles from source

Christmas Soda
A bubbly blend of dark soda, nutmeg, cinnamon, mint, topped with whipped cream and shaven graham crackers

Damned Nightfall
The deepest and darkest amber blended with violets, labdanum, vanilla, espresso absolute, fresh cocoa beans, and honey

Girls And Graves
Sugare’d grapefruit, pink musk, soft cherry blossoms, fluffy pink clouds of fairy floss

I Wasn’t Made To Make It To Thirty
Tiny blue powdery pills and true blue pansies in a blue ceramic vase

Last Days Of Wonder
Lemon chiffon cake batter, yellow icing flowers, sweet pollen and light honey nectar

No-Bullshit Waffle Cone
True waffle cone with slight hints of caramel and dusted brown sugar cinnamon

Painted Pears
Pears, golden vanilla, sandalwood, dark amber

Passionate As Sin
Red musk and deep crushed roobois tea leaves, fiery red oakwood, red mandarin pulp

Vintage Cannabis
Musky and deep vintage cannabis with notes of woody peppercorns and green musk

Fresh vanilla, black tea, ginger cookies, darkened amber, cinnamon bark, patchouli, witches herbs

With The Fishes And The Dead
Black squid ink and mile long oceans. Black ambergris, black labdanum absolute, salty ocean water, and Black pits of stretched out emptiness.

Full sized bottles are stocked at Death & Floral.  Limited Edition/Seasonal Slinks will be periodically restocked through the life of the collection.