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Adventures in Bakeland
Matcha tea and cardamom-orange frosted biscuits with lemon zest. From Yan’s biscuit board game challenge on Season 5.

Bellini Choux Buns
Choux buns with fizzy prosecco, fresh peaches, and butter. By Kate on Season 5.

British Soap Opera
Frances’ opera cake showstopper from Season 2, with layers of almond sponge, lavender-lemon jelly, and white chocolate ganache.

Chocolate Soufflé
A fluffy dark chocolate and espresso soufflé. From Mary Berry’s technical challenge recipe on Season 3.

Double Entendre Day
Rose-pistachio and mocha-hazelnut horns, by Nadiya on Season 3.

Earl Grey Teacakes
Earl Grey-infused teacakes with sultanas, currants, raisins, candied citrus peel, cinnamon, and nutmeg, dipped in orange marmalade, as made by Julia on Season 5.

Floral Tea Cake
A tea-inspired layer cake with chamomile-honey sponge, almond cake, and orange blossom piped frosting. Based on Benjamina’s showstopper from Season 4.

Grapefruit and Ginger Meringue Pie
Benjamina’s take on lemon meringue pie, replacing the lemon with grapefruit and adding ginger. From Season 4.

Hipster Picnic
Tom’s showstopper from Season 4: Mousse cakes flavoured with apple, melted vanilla ice cream, spice cake, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Ode to the Honey Bee
Sophie’s showstopper from the Season 5 finale: An entremet of honey custard, orange blossom sponge, tart blackberry jelly, dark chocolate, lemon set curd, hazelnut, white chocolate lavender mousse, caramelized honey, topped with marbled white chocolate mirror glaze. “It’s making me sort of wistful.” -Noel

Rhubarb Custard Tart
Based on Kate’s tart recipe from Season 1: Rosemary-almond pastry with a rhubarb custard filling.

Tropical Churros
Coconut and cinnamon churro dough with a passionfruit-mango dipping sauce. From Season 4 by Benjamina.

Yin Yang Entremet
Steven’s showstopper from the Season 5 finale: Hazelnut Genoise sponge, caramelized bananas, white chocolate & cocoa butter creme brûlée, raspberry coulis, and chocolate mousse.

Yuzu & Lychee Entremet
Kate’s showstopper from the Season 5 finale: Genoise sponge with yuzu zest, coconut dacquoise, white chocolate-yuzu bavarois and lychee jelly, decorated with a dragonfruit.




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