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Apple Picking
The orchard at its peak, limbs heavy and bushels brimming. Barely-ripe apples, green leaves, rain-soaked soil, wicker baskets, and golden hay. Wear this powerful prosperity blend to call forth wealth and abundance. Anoint money charms and mojo bags to increase their power.

Daughter of the Dark Moon
The Sorceress sings as dusk descends, dressed in unencumbered starlight. Her laughter weaves a living tapestry of ancient and sacred truths. She awakens me to my power. Black coconut, nocturnal jasmine, tuberose, gardenia, white sandalwood, dried lavender, sheer cotton, and a trace of Tahitian vanilla.

Hekate Deichteira
The Teacher. The Revealer. She whose torch illuminates the path so that experience may become wisdom. A chaplet of laurel, olive leaves, sage, rosemary, acacia wood, white lotus, moonflower, deep purple heliotrope, claret, and black fig. Wear to enliven the mind and enhance perception. Anoint purple candles to increase psychic abilities.

Hekate Enodia
She of the Crossroads. Lady of the Ways. The goddess who guards, guides, and grants passage. An offertory incense of copal and myrrh, clove bud, star anise, sweet pipe tobacco, Bosc pear, bitter almond, tonka bean, freshly turned earth, and a sprig of rosemary. Wear to improve navigational skills, both geographic and philosophic. Warm three drops in a diffuser as an offering to the Divine Feminine.

Hekate Potnia Theron
Mistress of Animals. Lady of the Wild Beasts. She who cherishes all who slither and soar, who climb and crawl. Green fig, cedarwood, cypress, orris root, golden hay, toasted oats, warm suede, woodland musk, and tonka. Wear to align yourself with Nature and ignite your primal wisdom.

Murder of Crows
A gothic gathering of blue-black plumage and keen, glittering eyes. Nag champa, smoldering myrrh, and tobacco sparked with clove bud, violet, fir needle, star anise, and currant. Anoint your pulse points in preparation for nocturnal magic, dreamwalking, or astral travel.

Porch Swing
A lazy Autumn afternoon when the sun is setting gold. Oakwood, amber, pear preserves, skin-warmed cotton, fresh rhubarb, rosemary, and tea. Wear this calming, centering blend to bring you back to the present moment. Warm a few drops in a diffuser to set a relaxed mood at home.

Appalachian Autumn
An homage to the Nature Spirits. Deer musk accord, campfire smoke, birch trees, angelica, ripe pears and rain. Wear to align your energy with that of the wilderness to invoke its many blessings. It's particularly soothing and supportive through the changing of the seasons.

Black Cat
A traditional folk magic blend for fast luck and abundant blessings.
Darkly sweet pipe tobacco, blackcurrant, and chai spices amid the swirling smoke of sacred nag champa and myrrh. Wear this dusky potion to invoke protection and great fortune.

Cauldron Cider
Comfort in a bottle. A warm brew of honeycrisp apples simmered for days with ginger root, black clove bud, cardamom, cassia, and star anise. Wear this cozy blend for solace and resolution. Anoint mojo bags for peace of mind and a general sense of well-being.

Favorite Sweater
The perfect balance of cool and cozy. White oak and blonde teakwood, copal resin, crushed coriander, lamb's wool accord, a touch of creamy chai, and a spritz of green mandarin. Wear when you need comfort and a sense of security.

First Harvest: Grain
Acres full of sunlight, tall and bountiful, a golden expanse of promise. The earthy scent of oatstraw and hay drying in the late-summer fields. Wear this scent to attract abundance and manifest wealth. Anoint copper pennies and bury to the East of your home to sow the seeds of prosperity.

Ghost Cat
A fuzzy phantasm to guide and guard you as you pierce the Veil. Cashmere, white amber, and ethereal ivory musk with blushing peony and pink peppercorn toe beans. Wear this spectral scent to call upon the aid of friendly spirits. Anoint white or lavender candles in rituals of divination or mediumship.

Ginger Cat
A playful blend to banish malaise, lift your spirits, and ignite vitality.
Crystallized ginger and raisins baked into warm pumpkin bread with caramel drizzle, candied orange peel, homemade apricot jam and the subtlest sprinkle of cardamom. Wear this cozy perfume when you need to shake off the doldrums and brighten your mood.

Grey Cat
An ode to my very own regal and ridiculous familiars. Dry smoked vanilla, fluffy marshmallow creme, fresh blueberries, the gentlest touch of lavender and a warm cup of Earl Grey. Wear this comforting blend to attract friendship, allies, and supportive people. It's a potent addition to a Honey Jar or any spellcraft for sweetening relationships.

Lightning Storm
An intense blend for calling down the thunder. Petrichor and ozone, electrified metal, cold musk, bergamot, lime zest, cracked pink peppercorn, copal smoke, Indian myrrh, and teakwood. Wear when you're ready to turn your magic all the way up.

The Mystery of Maple Walk
Whispering leaves flutter down in shades of livid crimson. Their secrets die with nightfall and the silent portent of snow. This comforting blend inspires relaxation and a deep sense of calm contentment. Sugar maple swirled with spices, dragon's blood, dark woods, frozen flakes of vanilla and a single drop of the blackest black cherry.

Ominous Orchard
Slender branches silhouetted against the evening sky, sending the last of their sweetness into the gathering gloom as the pale moon turns the clouds to silver. Crisp apples, young green growth and a wisp of deer musk accord on the chilly air.

Owl in the Oak Tree
The golden Autumnal sister of Yultide's Owl in the Evergreen. Tawny feathers and bright amber eyes hold a steady gaze among the changing leaves. Regal oakwood, sugar maple and mahogany, slender white limbs of birch, and cold rocks covered in emerald moss. Wear this woodland blend to align with the spirits of Nature and the galvanizing energy of the forest.

Path of Leaves
The scent of decay in the deciduous forests of Autumn. Rain and earth, hoarded acorns, abandoned birds' nests, and a sleepy chill slowly encroaching. Wear this atmospheric blend to support you through big changes, major shifts, and rites of passage.

Second Harvest: Fruit
Luscious abundance. Homemade pies and preserves brimming with spiced pear, blackberry, apricot and currant. Wear this confection to attract pleasure and feelings of contentment. Anoint pink or gold candles to manifest luxury and creature comforts.

Shadow Grove
Darkness sets the spirits to stirring. Rain-soaked rocks and fertile earth teeming with blind vitality. This dusky blend lends power to night-magick, dream work, and communing with the Dearly Departed. Creaking birch limbs, howling wind, wet patchouli, tomb moss, and teak.

Starlight & Spider Silk
Swift and skillful, her instinct's artistry glimmers with deadly precision. This beguiling blend empowers you to ensnare the objects of your desire and attract every manner of earthly delight. Slender strands of cotton flower hung with trembling dewdrops, cold crystalline musk, and tiny black vanilla beans.

Trembling Aspen
Among the first trees to change color, it exchanges subdued green for a bright, buttery yellow that complements the afternoon light. But perhaps its most distinguishing feature is the rapid, fluttering movement of its leaves. Flat leaf stalks give the Trembling Aspen's foliage a unique quiver in the breeze, seeming to sparkle in the long shadows of September. Sunflower petals, delicate strands of saffron, crystallized ginger, and candied kumquat. Wear this scintillating scent to evoke courage and confidence.





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