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Black Moon
This proliferant perfume is teeming with generative force and fierce fecundity. It nourishes and the seeds of intention, filling them with raw vitality. It's a master of manifestation, propelling invocations toward fulfillment ... so be careful what you wish for.
Dark incense coils about an ebony altar abounding in spiced fig preserves, saffron-poached plums, green mandarins, and honey on the comb.
Black Moon is handcrafted and charged under the rare auspices of the second consecutive New Moon in a single sign. Like the Blue Moon, this event holds uniquely amplified power to bless new beginnings and access hidden reserves of magical potency.

The Conjure Man’s Cabin
A pipe in his teeth and a glint in his eye, he draws a dusty bottle from the cabinet. A pinch of that, a bit of this, some muttered words, and a drop of my blood. I pay him with a fifth of whiskey and a vow of silence.
The Conjure Man guides me.
Wild pinyon in the fireplace, ancient leather, copal and vetiver, mud and hay, potent spices simmering, twisted roots hung from the rafters, top shelf hooch, the very best pipe tobacco, and nothing but Appalachian wilderness for miles around.

Creative Spark
An illuminating blend to summon your muse and elevate your skills. Lime zest, sparkling white grapefruit, bergamot, allspice, sun-warmed teak, cardamom pods, amber resin, frankincense, fresh green fig, and a wisp of Chinese trumpet lily. Apply to pulse points when engaging in your craft. Anoint the tools of your trade or dress candles to invoke artistic acumen.

Cut & Clear
A no-nonsense banishing blend to expel negativity from your life. Fresh lemon zest, purifying benzoin, black raspberry bramble with the thorns left on, rainwater, Silver Needle white tea, angelica, garden mint, crushed white peppercorn, and bay leaf, infused with home-grown lemon thyme and lemon verbena. Wear to repel bad influences and hurtful people. Anoint papers inscribed with the name(s) of whomever you want to remove from your circle, set your magical intention, then burn the paper on a Saturday during the waning moon.

Guiding Star
A magical compass to navigate you steadily along your unique spiritual path. Australian white sandalwood, green tea, acacia, bright amber, flowers of lavender and angelica, Persian lime, Palo Santo, a touch of sage, and a twist of orange. Wear this enchanted oil for clarity, insight, and to help you choose wisely.

Love Potion
This seductive scent ensnares any object of your desire. Velvety red roses, Assam patchouli, Queen Elizabeth root, benzoin of Sumatra, sacred sandalwood, tonka bean, honey, and a scant drop each of catnip, cardamom, and myrtle. Wear any time you want to highlight your natural charms or attract romantic attention.

Sister of Skies
Her chin is always up. I lift my own. We scan the golden, sunlit clouds. Time cannot touch this effortless afternoon. A smile and a tilt of her head. “This sucks,” she teases. And I couldn’t have found a better way to praise the day.
My Sister elevates me.
Spun sugar, lavender water, two chilled mojitos, teakwood beach chairs, melted white amber, the softest cotton sundress, and clouds.

Sleep Elixir
A light, summertime sister to our beloved Tryptophan perfume oil. Bulgarian lavender, gentle rain, aloe leaf, tulsi, blue chamomile, neroli, catmint, a grain of kava, and a sliver of key lime. Anoint your wrists and temples before you go to bed. Its cooling, calming vibration supports deep, restorative rest.

St. Expedite
An invocation oil to the powerful spirit of urgent matters and swift intercession. Saint Expedite is famous for taking on difficult cases and producing rapid results. Freshly baked pound cake, sacramental wine, cathedral frankincense, beeswax votives, and a scarlet bouquet of carnations, roses, and Asiatic lilies. Anoint red or white candles to call upon him in times of need. Wear as a comforting reminder that your wishes are moving quickly toward manifestation.

Energy Shield
Everyday protection against malefaction, to banish bad vibes and keep toxic people away. A dark elderflower chypre with ebony wood, tonka bean, frankincense and fig. This oil is infused with black tourmaline, renowned for its power to safeguard its bearer and the surrounding environment. It dispels negativity from others as well as from within one's self. Wear this deeply resinous perfume to ward off general energetic gunk, or anoint black candles to guard you from specific attacks.

Moxie! Chutzpah! A whole lotta nerve. This potent potion bolsters your confidence and polishes your poise. Bay laurel, blonde tobacco, birch bark and sassafras smoothed over deep Peru balsam, oakmoss, and regal red sandalwood. Wear with aplomb as a perfume or anoint talismans to amplify their effect.

Higher Mind 2019
Smart is sexy. An assertive and herbaceous scent composed of green tea, sage, three sacred sandalwoods, rosemary, chilled citrus, and tonka. Wear this enchanted fragrance to hone perception, wit, and focus.

Might of Minerva
This fragrance is the magical complement to our enchanted candle of the same name. A force to be reckoned with, it invokes the Goddess's wisdom, willpower, and strategic acumen. Olive leaf, ambergris, oakwood, basil, rosemary, lime zest, bay laurel, chardonnay grapes and sweet figs. Wear to amplify your natural creativity, charisma, and commanding presence.

A smooth, lovely blend that offers surprisingly staunch protection. Pale amber and white tea are accented by dry coconut, angelica, and cooling rain. Wear to repel any negative energies, low vibrations, and psychic attacks. Anoint your wallet, door frames, computers, and phone to shield them against all malefaction.

To ignite initiative, boost energy, and get your head in the game.
Garden basil and allspice with red cedar, pink pepper, and a strong cup of Earl Grey tea. This oil is additionally infused with carnelian, a gemstone known for its revitalizing properties. It assists in overcoming fatigue and encourages trust in one's abilities. Wear as a perfume to propel you through the day, or anoint the corners of your workspace to increase productivity.

A potion for cleansing and clearing. Palo Santo, sage and English lavender, set the stage for bright lemon zest, juicy pomelo, bay leaf, and Himalayan cedarwood infused with home-grown hyssop and lemon verbena. Wear to banish negativity, heavy vibrations, low energies, and malaise. Amplifies the effect of ritual baths and smudging.

Raw Power
An uplifting scent for energy and vitality. Bright ginger gilds sturdy cedarwood, copaiba balsam, mahogany, and lemongrass with rosemary, basil, cardamom, and fresh-cracked pink and white peppercorn. Wear to stave off weariness and fatigue. It can be especially helpful against daunting or intimidating tasks.

A splashy scent to refresh the spirit and revitalize the mind. A champagne sangria of tart cherry, blackberry, elderberry, and tangerine awash in cool effervescence with a spritz of lemon. Put it on when you need to wake up, reset, and get in gear.

A boldly solar blend, created at the Summer Solstice, to empower and illuminate your hidden gifts. Amber resin, santal, coriander, heliotrope, frankincense and myrrh, mahogany, blood orange, bay leaves, ginger root, saffron, and a trace of cassia. Wear when you need courage, confidence, and fortitude. Anoint yellow or golden candles in rituals for health and well-being.
*Please note: Do not apply to skin if sensitive to cassia or cinnamon.

Truth Serum
A potent blend to inspire openness and honesty in every conversation.
Silver sage, lime zest, bergamot, Himalayan cedar, and rosemary leaves glimmer with sunlit spring water among verdant summer mosses. This oil is additionally infused with herkimer diamond and fluorite crystal. Herkimer diamonds are quartz crystals that emerge naturally - without any cutting or polishing - as water-clear, double-terminated jewels. They amplify focus, clairvoyant talents, and remove obstacles to insight. Fluorite is an excellent conduit for cerebral energy. It organizes data and assists in drawing accurate conclusions while maintaining objectivity. Wear this fresh, uplifting perfume to facilitate clear communication. It may also be consciously directed to reveal any lies or deception.


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