Poesie Little Women Christmas & Blk Fri (pre-order)


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Slinks = .74 ml vials
Slonks = .92 ml bottles
Chonks = 2.3 ml bottles
Fulls = BNNU bottles from source

Pre-order* items have not yet arrived at my studio, but have been listed/ordered.  Once it reaches me processing takes 3 - 14 business days before it's shipped out to you.  To estimate when your order is likely to be heading out, keep an eye on the 'Status' of ordered items. 

Status: Ordered November 29th


All Jollity
Black amber, dark vanilla beans, rich oud, creamy roasted chestnut, a hint of caraway

Balmoral Fireplace
Whiskey, firewood, clean wool blankets, tonka bean

Blanket Layering Note
Softest vanilla musk

Eggnog Noel
Creamy custard, opulent vanilla, warm nutmeg, a splash of French cognac.

Messe de Minuit
Catholic church incense, frosted cranberries, balsam fir garlands, old wooden pews

Plum Pudding
A rich gourmand dream loaded with brown sugar, currants, raisins, apple, Christmas spices, citrus zest and brandy

Coins of golden amber, silver skates and shattered ice, white chocolate, benzoin resin

Buttery vanilla sugar cookies, Earl Grey tea sweetened with wildflower honey, radiant white musk

Crisp apples, delicious gingerbread, a stack of old books, wafts of balsam fir

Oatmeal lightly sweetened with maple syrup, and topped with butter, cream, dried cranberries and a tiny dash of cinnamon

White and pink roses, soft heliotrope, powdery notes, ambrette seed

Italian rosemary and New England fir, fresh carnation, holiday citrus & spice, marshmallow

Two Dances with Darcy
a splash of her lavender water, a hint of his Regency cologne and pipe tobacco, the polished dance floor, flushed skin, and is that...the perfect pear?

Full sized bottles are stocked at Poesie Perfumes.  As limited edition collections, these scents will be allowed to sell out.