Sixteen92 Anniversary 2020 (pre-order)


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Slinks = .74 ml vials
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Beautiful. Popular. Loved. Feared.
Moonflower, tiare, bitter almond, blond woods, heat lightning, asphalt

Have You Met Vylette?
Shy violet, pale leather, soft patchouli, fiddlehead fern, white rose, a crack of black pepper

I Killed The Teen Dream
Vanilla bean ice cream, pink spun sugar & marshmallow, white cake crumbs, candied citron, a cracked jawbreaker, duct tape, gunpowder

Peachy F-Cking Keen
Peach preserves, white nectarine, black raspberry, syrupy benzoin, vanilla musk, rum

The Princess Di Of Reagan High
Coconut milk, star jasmine, pink birthday cake, warm honey, white amber

Prom Queen
White chrysanthemum, sticky honeysuckle, cherry limeade, red lollipop, smudged mascara, innocent cashmere, blood accord

Angel Food Cake
Sweet white sponge cake sprinkled with vanilla sugar crystals

I Wanna Be An Airborne Ranger!
Breakfast cereal, melted marshmallow, strong coffee, library books, denim jacket, teen angst

Party At The Moon Tower
White cupcakes with popping candy frosting, spiked punch, faded sunscreen, lake breeze, a distant Summer bonfire

Peach Marmalade Cake
Decadent French vanilla cake filled with layers of peach liqueur marmalade, candied peaches, & cinnamon crumb, topped with fresh whipped cream

Save Ferris
Funnel cakes & lemonade from Wrigley field, salted pretzels, bright blue skies, cool Lake Michigan breeze, Bueller… Bueller…

Raspberry Zinger Cake
White sponge cake soaked in Chambord, raspberry compote filling, topped with buttercream and coconut sprinkles

The Tea Party
Vanilla almond birthday cake topped with Earl Grey buttercream

They F---Ing Forgot My Birthday
Wedding cake, orange blossom honey, burned sugar, soft vanilla musk, unlit birthday candles, would you stop feeling sorry for yourself?

Yellow Cake Batter
Rich & buttery birthday cake batter with rainbow sprinkles





These are sample sizes. Full sized bottles are stocked at Sixteen92. As limited edition collections, these scents will be allowed to sell out.