Restocks at the beginning of every month



All decants are Slink vials priced at $2.45
(Slonk bottles are $2.75 and only available in pre-orders)

March Restock/New Releases: TBA

Big Toddy Goth Girl
Blue Moon
Bomb Pop
Boo Berry
Chocolate Orange
Evening Star
Holy Water
Hyrule Castle
Moloko Plus
Pearanormal Activity
Slice of Life
Smoky Quartz
Southern Hospitali-Tea
Spirit Temple
Sunday Mourning
The Evil Garden
Torture Chamber
Vanilla Clove
Wuthering Heights


A little note about Hexennacht restocks!

Not all scents are restocked at the same time! We're on a set schedule to make things as smooth as possible. That means that around the 15th of each month, I go through and see what's sold out or low on stock and that is the list that goes to Caroline for the following month's restock.

It's still early days yet for feeling out stock numbers. For example, if I notice I'm ordering a specific scent every month, then I'll start doubling up on that one, but we need a couple of months of activity before I can see those sorts of treads. Rest assured where I do see them, I'll work to balance them out as we go!

I'll be keeping this page up to date with this info and more as we go, too. :)

I hope that relieves some of the stress of update days. So far, restocks are NOT selling out crazy fast, you can take your time. Just remember to check the collection page to make sure that what you're after is actually going to be restocked.


…More to come…


I know you veterans know all about how Ajevie pre-orders work, but I'll explain a bit for all our new lovelies. (you can also check out the FAQ and Status Page for important info)

What's the difference between a Pre-Order and a Restock? In a pre-order, I'm getting numbers for Exactly how much we need of everything to fill most of the current demand. It means nothing sells out during the order window (usually 48 hours) and you have the whole window to shop stress-free!  A restock is a replenishing of the Ready-To-Ship listings.  These will happen after pre-orders and will continue periodically until stock is stabilized.

What's the bad news? Well, the bad news is the wait. Pre-order items have not yet arrived at my studio, so you need to give Caroline time to fill our chonky order and then us time to break everything down into decants and fill orders.  Expect 4 - 6 weeks to be on the safe side!

Why so long to process? Besides it being a time sink as far as labor goes, it will also be getting processed in the workflow with my other updates. It isn't the only pupper in the park, so to speak.  



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