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Possets Yule Retour  

Sugar, violet, and tamarind, clove.

Feather Down
100% Natural Bulgarian lavender which is full of cumarin and so it smells delightfully vanilla-like on its own. However if you pair it with a truly otherworldly beautiful aged vanilla essential oil, the combination is angelic.

Femme Fatale
Two kinds of oudes (a white one and a black one), a dark and zesty grey musk, and a lashing of aged patchouli but not so much that it's characteristic scent overwhelms.

Flaming Angel
Wintergreen, turbanado sugar accord, a proprietary musk I make which I call Musk 31, a very hard apple note, and a backdrop of black oude, and a bit of luan wood. There is a very angry vanilla vibe about Flaming Angel, but it is beautiful.

Flight of the Bumblebee
Erratic green notes of grass and green leaf combine in totally unexpected ways with deep resins of the East making a very unusual and attractive perfume which is at once daring and comforting. Out of nowhere a violet-like note weaves in and out of the blend, and the heavy patchouli and saffron positively dance.

The Florentine
100% Natural Orris root is part of the symbol for Florence's Iris talisman. Then there is the coffee from everywhere all day long.

A small amount of lilac for a snowy out of season luxury, a kiss of carnation and a bit of lemon zest in this blend combine with a crystalline musk which can only be described as sleek like the pelt of a white ermine.

Very classical Possety smell, sweet and edible but really a perfume. Vanilla-esque and real easy to wear. Again another twist on that ever most popular smell. Gourmand foody.

The Frenchman
A sweeter note of cedarwood rounds out the introduction to the dark damp earthy ring of labdenum and black oude, barded over with a light float of nigella seed extract.

Frida Kahlo
Carnation, Black Pepper, golden amber, brown amber, a proprietary golden musk.

Frog Princess
A homemade aquatic base with a subtle hint of coconut and mint.

Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire
A 100% Natural starring the incomparable Possets' lavender. This time it is paired with a fabulous sandalwood which would make a pasha swoon.

The Ghost of Xmas Past
Licorice, Black coconut, an icy non-mint musk, and a marigold leaf.

The Ghost of Xmas Present
One thing I will never forget was the year dad cut down a fabulous balsam pine tree for Xmas. There had been a roaring fire in the fireplace and the stocking had tangerines in them which was the fruit which appeared at Yuletide. Their peels had been warmed by the fire and that smell mingled with the tree scent. It was so pretty I had to make it again for this Yuletide.

Gingerbread Jailhouse
Sweet silky and spicy gingerbread is amped up with more ginger and then smoothed out with a thick coat of light lemony sour cream frosting.

Girl In White
Grapefruit, pink musk, a drop of white oude, a real stunner through its simplicity and harmony.

Girls Love Pumpkin
A bumptious pumpkin dripping with honey smell and a dusting of traditional pumpkin spices. A fall treat and a real classic with just a hint of resin in the background to keep it from getting too too foody.

There is a good shot of earth in this, and a bit of green that you might be able to detect, the nutmeg really is a welcome bit of zest given to the whole, again calendula and turmeric make an appearance and hold the entire thing close to the ground.

A deluxe Black Musk pairs with black oude, grey musk, sandalwood, myrrh, and blonde luan wood.

100% Natural Beautiful antique patchouli of the most mature and glorious thick and dark gold variety, combined with a rose so lovely it is the soul of midsummer delights captured in a bottle.

At first it's a sharp and pungent whirl of incense augmented with a backdrop of banana, sandalwood, black carnation, and black musk put it all together into one great and passionate blend.

Fennel keeps things light while brown sugar sweetens it up without making it too sweet, a splash of crystal musk, and a slight amount of a silk like fragrance.

I see this one as being one of the truest yet prettiest interpretations of the scent of linen (the fabric from which the hennin was made) and a wisp of incense like one would find in church or in the silk imported from China. A touch of galbanum, a whisper of grey musk, combines with a fabric accord which is hard to describe. It's a very intimate perfume, one with a light but persistent dry down and the sort of perfume which delights you after you have forgotten that you put it on, a stray whiff or two will have you thinking, "My goodness, this is a pretty smell!"

Holiday in Oz
Coriander, cumin, turmeric, pineapple, coconut.

Holy Holy Holy
The most fair and golden of my amber, two honeys (one herbal and one sweet) with a soft unburned incense.

Yellow musk, white oude, chrysanthemum, and a tiny amount of strawberry.

Peach nectar and mulled cardamom-laced spice wine, and a great lashing of resinous frankincense brought back from the levant.

Hungarian Rhapsody
Tobacco, pipe smoke curling round, and a burning cozy fire heating the corner.

Sugar, sugar, sugar. Maybe there is a shot of butter somewhere in there and I am suspecting that there is a tot of vanilla (the really good Mexican vanilla for sure).

Decants=8x35mm vials, Minis=5/8 dram bottles.  Full sized bottles are stocked at Possets Perfume.   As limited edition collections, these scents will be allowed to sell out.