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Possets Yule Retour 

The Smell of Money
Nothing says The Holidays like money, right? Well, when I was a kid I noticed that American dollars had a particular smell (they don't any more but they used to). But I think we can all recognize it when we smell it, and here it is bottled and waiting for you to uncork it and say,"That smells familiar." What's in it? I can't tell you, it's a Deep Secret. It does smell like money and it lasts, too (unlike money). Unisex and always in fashion. Resinous, dry.

Snow Solstice
You often see coconut used as a cake decoration stand-in for snow. This is what I was thinking when I did this delectable coconut perfume. I loved the way it came together as a whole with just enough minty-sweet to blend delicately with the scent of coconut milk.

Pepper, capsicum, an extract of black mint, and a thick wash of black musk and gray musk. Strong and sophisticated, no nonsense and well bred.

Spanish Dancer
Almonds are one of the great hallmarks of Spanish cuisine, this is what is the forefront of this perfume, its opener. This is followed by amazing sugared fried pastry.

Spy Pie
Done right, there should be nutmeg and true cinnamon in proper proportion and it all must combine in delightful harmony and be surrounded by a crust that has toasted to perfection and brought out all of the true flavor of butter and the flour used to make it. A great apple pie must be beyond words, it must be like St. Theresa in Ecstasy. Spy Pie is it. Pippin Pie's more sophisticated sister, deeper, more apple-like, so good.

The Star
Siberian fir combines with peppermint and is topped off with a big grind of black pepper, white pepper and sandalwood.

Starry Night
The lightest and most delicate rose is mixed with a thoroughly calm blue sub-musk and lays down with a grain of vanilla but of the most herbal sort.

Sticky Buns
A great cinnamon and amazing sugar concoction which will tickle your nose and turn you on. (My favorite rendition of cinnamon buns! ~Angi)

A smooooth concoction of eggs, milk, cream and a light dusting of lemon zest, fluffed together and eaten with a long handled spoon.

The Sun
100% Natural Pink peppercorn, a touch of camphor, jasmine (Mediterranean) are used to give the cheer of the Sun itself. A drop of honey extract, and the whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts.

A beautiful blend of osmanthus, violet, cream musk, and a bit of a very unusual apple essence.

Thorns and All
The torrid love affair between strong modern tea rose and darkest black pepper. Golden amber joins in to try to smooth things out but just ends up making the mix that much more hot.

Several musks (black/gray/white) vying for attention with myrtle and the greener scent of chlorophyll. Into that mix I have put a drop of clover, just because it belonged.

A daring chypre made with an intense collection of two separate Italian bergamots which were very difficult to obtain, a very smooth and appealing oak moss which will even win the heart of confirmed oakmoss haters, and a secret 'red' note which I felt had to go into this blend.

A ferny frill, sweet myrtle combined with a sweet and playful special white musk, a small amount of currant, a dusting of clove, and black cumin seed.

A special chypre containing a very light oakmoss (blond oakmoss), is blended with frankincense and a very faint clove hint, small zest of lemon to keep it from being too heavy.

The Walled Garden
Osmanthus (the sweet olive) is a plant that I grow on my windowsill. In the morning I grind fresh coffee beans and the two fragrances combine for a heavenly treat.

Wassail! Wassail!
Cream, ginger, coriander, and lots of booze!

Winter (Mucha)
I was playing around with chypre again. Oakmoss from France, and French lavender, a very smooth amber which is thick and very golden lays the bed for a brilliant and true violet to float on top.

Winter Solstice
100% Natural The warmth of life protected from the ravages of winter, we all snuggled down for a rest at the longest night of the year. Cozy and almost protective. All natural, unisex, more foody than floral but not over sweet.

Winter Wedding Cake
A yellow cake trimmed in white sugar-butter frosting, and a layer of the most subtle delicate mocha creme was hidden in-between the layers of moist and almost custard like cake.

Civet, vetiver, aged patchouli.

Xmas in New Orleans
A creamy thick white-flower floral that is paradoxically enough, the essence of winter.

Yule Posset
Cream with a velvety vanilla and a bit of rummy character, this one will have you slurring and smiling before you know it.

Yule Romp
Clementines and fir, just right for the season. Not too "piney" and not too fruity.

1000 Proof Egg Nog
It's like a teaspoon of egg nog in a gallon of whiskey and a lot of spices in there, too. Lighter on the cream and closer to an all out spice mixture.

1812 Overture
Super Musk, a gasp of oude, softest leather, clary sage, and a bit of lime. There is an animalic edge to it but it's more of the white/crystalline sort rather than the brown/furry sort.

1st Sleep
White musk sets the stage for softest rose and light mint.


Decants=8x35mm vials, Minis=5/8 dram bottles.  Full sized bottles are stocked at Possets Perfume.   As limited edition collections, these scents will be allowed to sell out.