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Possets Halloween Retour

Naked Lady (100% Natural)
Saffron represents the crocus side of this lady, and vetiver represents the earthy yet unearthly sweet side of her nature. Very beautiful blend, more on the austere side and perfect for autumn. Dry and beautiful, the art is in the quality and proportion of these excellent ingredients.

Wormwood and sandalwood slither past each other, a bright pinch of lemon zest, a coat of sage to remind us of the desert, salt of lavender completes the picture and the whole blend is strong but subtle, heady, and sexy as hell.

Nessun Dorma
Caramel cooked to a sugary stage and wrapped around a core of old fashioned night-black licorice (the kind which lights up your mouth). An intriguing combination and a must for any licorice lovers among you. This is a totally mellowed out licorice, toothsome but retaining the personality of the black confection.

Night Flight
A walk through a misty woods in October and admired the leaf mold and close dank of the air? Of course you have. Aquatic and slightly playful, another great and unexpected blend from Possets. This one was inspired by the thought of taking a sky ride in your dreams.

Night On Bald Mountain
(Mussorgsky) A swirling strong, heady leathery chypre. Like a brisk spanking. Strong and womanly, the perfect blend when you want to go riding side saddle, taking the jumps and showing the gentlemen how it's done whilst being the perfect seducing amazon.

Nom Nom Nom
Lots of thick dark sugary goodness here. Just a hint of spice, but it's sort of an indefinable spice like a new and exotic clove which you just can't quite put your finger on. Lashings of liquified brown sugar heat it all up and in the end you have a very hawt melange of foody lovers goodness.

November 1st The Day After Halloween
The pumpkins are gone, the sky is blazing blue and somehow that just makes you sadder. Depressing but in the way you like to savor, bitter but attractively so. Melancholy, sweet in its own way but so terribly sad. Dry and thoughtful like November, resinous, perfumy.

Oiche Shamhna
Purest golden amber, sweet oatmeal, lightly cooked cakes, the enticing scent of butter, and a waft of the sweet part of beer. It's a glorious fragrance which is a pure cross between foody and beauty. The name means "welcome Halloween", and is a folk song that children sing around this time of year.

Orpheus In The Underworld
A brisk note of mint for the coolness of the underworld of the Greeks, a river of sandalwood, a bit of lime to soothe the ghosts in us all. This is a fine fragrance to lure your dead lover to the surface against all odds.

A papery but leathery blend like a palimpsest...warm and comforting but not of the human variety of comfort. A highly sophisticated perfume which you would wear with someone whom you admired and had a desire for. A palimpsest is a parchment which has been scraped clean of its original writing and pictures to be written upon again.

(sToa) A grey almost smoky musk, a small hint of tea, and a bit of hawthorn bark, an almost rosy side musk, and an accord which smells like silk. This is a smooth and seductive perfume, very snugly and it has a hint of child to it yet it is totally adult.

The most comforting and lovely aspects of fall wrapped up in one fragrance is Pauline. She smells of chrysanthemums and coffee, the earth and the out doors with the dried leaves and when the world is wrapping itself up for a long winter's snooze.  As appealing as Pauline's soft gray fur. Foody, gourmand, spicy.

A very light and transparent scent with a subtle amber as a base, Sicilian lemon zest, a drop of cognac, and the tiniest amount of menthol (you really would not notice it if you were not looking).

This is so much the orchard filled with antique tart apples, not a gala or a delicious in the bunch. It is beautiful, foody but true to the famous fall fruit. Foody/gourmand, fruity, spicy.

Pleasure Dance
A very high keyed ozone takes center stage against a bit of rum, pepper, lime zest and a rough but beautiful musk. This one will put you on your mettle. Use it when you feel logy and need some uplift.

Psycho Pumpkin
This is pumpkin, slathered in spice and encrusted with sugar. This is pumpkin in its glory, thick and deep, tumbling in honey and caramel. Foody and wicked.

Pumpkin Face Down In the Gutter
Pumpkin, black pepper, black cinnamon, sandalwood, tomato leaf. yes, he is beyond the help of any programs no matter how well meaning. He is one of The Beautiful and The Damned.

Pumpkin In Rehab
Now you know, the secret is out. The pumpkin is in rehab. He reads enriching books, goes to wholesome talks, meets uplifting people and thinks more of pies now than crack pipes. Or, does he? Does the pumpkin have a secret supplier of contraband? Is the pumpkin just incapable of straightening up and flying right? One thing you have to say about him though, he sure smells good.

Pumpkin On Wall Street
A dried and more grown up pumpkin, he has learned his lesson and the pumpkin here is evident but hiding under a chypre-like potion which is quite hypnotic. Light patchouli keeps the blend going beautifully.

Pumpkin PURP
Pumpkin and their spices, dope, liquor they stole from the liquor store, some kinda perfume for covering up the other odors. They got 5 on the shelf* starin' 'em in the face. BUSTED.

Pumpkin Tied Up And Licked All Over
Pumpkin of the most smooth variety, combined with large lashings of buttercrunch, honey, and crystalized honey. THE gourmandy of gourmandy fragrances.

Re, God of the Sun
Marigolds always remind me of the sun and so they have a place in this upbeat blend, thick golden amber recalls the summer days, finally a pollen like sunflower/zinnia-ish essence rounds out this paean to our bright star worshiped by the Egyptians and a goodly jolt of excellent sharp Egyptian musk to remind us that the sun is not to be trifled with.

Macintosh and perfumed Pink Lady apples, Bartlett pear, cling peach, and Indian sweet patchouli dance about madly in this rendition of the Scottish dwarf who murders people for the fun of it.

The Rents of Office
A high keyed green fig is put together with a very brown and strong Eastern musk and resin classic accord, and crusted over with a pink Western musk. I am very pleased with this one, makes me feel very important!

Red candy like fragrance, flirts with the smooth and sinuous musk lying in Risk but the effect is much different in this case. There is exuberance in a small amount of fern added, a bit of lily which is matched with a jot of orchid. Something like a successful Trick or Treat run.

A "clear musk" is brought together with: cornflower; and then a rare and uncharacteristic accord of apple, laudanum, a bit of citrus, a benzoin and myrrh mix with a small amount of eucalyptus for a balanced top note. Finally it is finished with an undercurrent of stone. A beautiful, dry, highly blended, perfumy scent.

Candy corn, coriander, toasted sugar, and sweet musk.


Decants=8x35mm vials, Minis=5/8 dram bottles.  Full sized bottles are stocked at Possets Perfume.   As limited edition collections, these scents will be allowed to sell out.