Possets Summer Retour A-D Leftovers

Possets Summer Retour A-D Leftovers


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Possets Summer Retour


A Haiku Chrysanthemum
(Gordon Christenson) A silver musk (which is one of the most special ingredients I have) combines with an essence I think of a chrysanthemum, a smooth and uncharacteristic white musk rounds it all out. Delightful. Light yet lasting, very refreshing.

A Haiku Pond
(Bashu) Japanese incense and white musk combine. A hint of water but not the harsh ozone/aquatics type. Silk essence. A fittingly lingering but very soft and intuitive fragrance.

A Haiku Roof of Hell
(Kobayashi Issa) Earth (with a whiff of civet), a Hell-like antiphon, and the wild beauty of Linden blossom and violets. A really unusual combination and a memorable one.

A Haiku Soseki
(Natsume Soseki) A leaf-mold-like element, a cool mint-like essence, and rounded out with yuzu. Entrancingly wistful in the heat of the full summer.

A Haiku Whale
(Yosa Buson) White musk, coconut, lime, and pineapple. A bit of rum and it's a lot of salty, briny whale fun. Actually, this is a very pretty and summery blend.

A Poem of Villeneuve St. Georges
(Mbella Dipoko) Blue musk and blueberry, crystal musk and Meyer lemon zest. This would be pretty to make love in on a hot day.

Strong clove notes are combined with a grey musk, a foundation of pink damascena rose otto and a good portion of sandalwood (a dark golden sort of sandalwood). A cross between an oriental and a chypre, the crossroads of Eastern and European taste.

Air Conditioning
(100% natural) Grapefruit, mint and lavender are set together to make a really beautiful and chilly scent to wear on your skin or in a scent locket.

Ancient Marshmallows
No kidding, the Egyptians had marshmallows for candy! They would use the sap of the mallow to thicken honey and it ended up (I guess) being something like nougat or Bit-O-Honey. I am trying to recreate this very old confection here, at least the way it smells.

April Is The Cruelest Month
(T.S. Eliot) Lavender and green tea form the base for this perfume and somehow it is a very compelling combination and gorgeous for summer with the exquisite lilacs, and I did remember to throw in a peach for you to enjoy...would not be Eliot without that. Floral but dry, fresh but profound.

A rich blend of green tea spiked with the smoke of fragrant burning spikenard, a whiff of coumarin (they didn't have vanilla but this could have been available) and it is thick black sweet and lovely. So, let your imagination run away with you. A sprinkling of sweet spices finishes it all off so nicely. Gourmand.

Bikini Girls of Sicily
They are beautiful and smell of the thick myrtle blossom honey, a tot of almond bitterness (like cyanide) and the summer jasmine which is so enchanting around the Mediterranean. On top of that, add a deep portion of coumarin from the ripening summer grasses, a drop of blood red pomegranate and the merest breath of saffron.

Birth of Venus
The accord I use for this perfume is very very similar to my favorite jasmine. I have stirred up a special aquatic blend as a backdrop for all of this, I am not so keen on stock "aquatic" scent and so I have experimented with many ingredients to make something which I can fall in love with. Finally, I just must use a light citrus blend in here as I keep on thinking of the hot humid air of summer and need something to remind us all that there is relief against this heat. I would say this is a dry fragrance but it is loaded with charm and sass despite the floral addition. Very pretty.

Black Sheep
A very unusual concoction which can only be described as a "zesty animalic", cognac combines with an unctuous aldehyde, the whole thing ignites in a light haze of lightest menthol, a rasp of lemon and orange peel, and a wallop of blue musk.

Blood Orange
Fresh and unexpected, this take on the scent of orange is more than mere orange. With the sly infusion of aged patchouli, a tiny dash of Saigon cinnamon, and a backup of a zesty "yellow musk", this is a grand perfume for summer. (Due to the cinnamon, those who are inclined to be super sensitive should patch test Blood Orange).

Loads of honeysuckle resting on a bed of sweet sweet summertime goodness. You might get arrested just for wearing this perfume. Floral.

Bouquet a la Marechale
Violet and bergamot, and a bewitching light touch of bay to keep the whole thing fresh. An upbeat floral but with very herbal underpinnings.

Candy Is Dandy
(Ogden Nash) Candy and booze. Very simple. VERY sexy. For those special times.

There was never anything so very soul fulfilling as these deep fried tubes of the lightest crust filled with sweetened ricotta cheese. I prefer mine with no fruit or chocolate chips, so I can revel in the deep milky creamy goodness which fits perfectly with the crust.

Canopic Box
Teak wood, Oude wood, sweet camphor wood for enshrining the vitals of the beloved dead one, a lining of cedarwood, a kiss of oude (a soft oude to soothe rather than stimulate), and a rush of rockrose. This is a more upbeat and zesty fragrance for day wear and quite masculine. Woody.

Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose
Carnations, lilies, and roses with the ambient scent of heavy green air and earth. Floral and classic, just lovely and very come-hither.

This one has a hint of catnip in it, to help you focus (as it is a mint), a drop of lime to go with, copra (dried coconut), and a blast of dark fig to honor the mystery of the cat and the sensuousness of the stretch. Lovely and languorous.

An almost sweet blend, filled with spice and thumping with the dark but smooth teas of the orient. A drop of milk rounds it out and gives it that appealing opacity we love with chai. You can almost smell the foam on top of this one.

A very aquatic base to which I am adding a strong and serious grey musk, and a good shot of espresso because a girl can't do her best without a nice little espresso (which goes amazingly with the sea). This is a great atmospheric scent, it is strong and serious, a bit volatile and quite musky.

Ripe ripe fruits spill out into the air, sensual and refreshing but making you itch for more at the same time, fruity, suave, sophisticated, summery, feminine.

Light lemon, heavy sugar, a float of creaminess and it is all a wonderfully relaxing treat.

Sage from Tuscany and the famous Italian lemons from the south have the lead roles among the other ingredients. A light kiss of vanilla mixes well with a limestoney base. A beautiful blend filled with character but just right for summer.

Cobra I
A back wash of frankincense, a good deal of indigo musk, a drop of thyme in it. It's a heady combination and one which is a bit hypnotic, like the cobra.

Colossus of Memnon
Coconut, lime, and pineapple, two ambers (a sweet and a sophisticated one). Fruity but in a sophisticated and grounded way.

Nag Champa always makes me think of hot hot days and hot hott nights, Fresh green skinned melon scent blends perfectly with it as does red honeysuckle. A perfect blend for the night.

Dry Ice
Driving down the thermometer without a hint of mint, just to show off. Grass and chlorophyll, ice musk, and a kiss of the chilliest of violet and hint of clove. This one is strong and it's long lasting. So you can refrigerate yourself without using any electricity.

Dutch Adonis
(Hals) Violet (one of the gentlemen's flowers) is put up with a thick black tea, a jolt of cardamom, a small amount of cumin (for animal magnetism) and (in homage to another Dutch mania) peppercorn. The combination is dynamite and universally appealing while being thoroughly unique. This is a very Possets scent but not an overly foody blend, and it is somehow a very cooling blend as well. 


Decants=8x35mm vials, Minis=5/8dram bottles and hold the same amount of oil as 3 vials.  Full sized bottles are stocked at Possets Perfume.   As limited edition collections, these scents will be allowed to sell out.