Death and Floral November

Death and Floral

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Apricot Glaze
Baked Apples
Cannabis Brownies
Carrot Cake
Honey Buttered Biscuits
Lavender Sprite
Maple Bourbon Whipped Cream
Orange Cranberry Sauce
Smoked Honey Whiskey
Sweet Potato Pie
Vintage Cream Soda-Halloween Edition

Friday night autumn air, sticky caramel candy, small wafts of buttery popcorn, rows and rows of movie choices, and lonely un-bought candy corn sitting at the register.

Happier Than A Corgi On Stilts
Warm blueberry bread muffins and furry corgi fur, with hints of musky toe beans and shaven saw-wood

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like [REDACTED]
Glidingly smooth Fresh pen ink, warm Vetiver and red leaves

Merry Christmas, Time Has No Meaning
Gentle fir needles and red pine, comforting outdoor woods on a brisk December night.

Santa Baby, So Pay My Student Loans Off Tonight
Freshly fallen snow, peppermint hot cocoa, crushed red velvet

‘Tis The Season To Acknowledge The Void
Black musk, black amber, pinyon pine needles, and the knowledge that times arrow marches on.



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