Haus of Ghost Puffs Leftovers

Haus of Gloi

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Leftovers are MLs in original bottles


Gourmet Ghost
A large wedge of chocolate cake left as an offering for our favorite Ghost.

Hippy Ghost
Sweet aged patchouli, nag champa incense, and a very mellow Ghost Puff.

Lacy Ghost
Wispy lace curtains and delicate vanilla, visited by the specter of Ghost Puffs.

Pumpkin Ghost
A slice of pumpkin pie with melty vanilla ice cream - served with a side of Ghost Puffs.

Saloon Ghost
Cedar sawdust, faded memory of scotch whiskey, polished oak, haunted by Ghost Puffs.

Sugar Ghost
Heaping spoonfuls of white sugar and a dash of brown sugar, smothered in Ghost Puffs.

Toast Ghost
Buttery toast with a Ghost!

Violet Ghost
Delicate violet petals waft through a cloud of Ghost Puffs.

Full sized bottles are stocked at Haus of Gloi.  As limited edition collections, these scents will be allowed to sell out.