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The love of Cats.
Egyptian musk, tonka, and dulce de leche wrapped in luxuriant cashmere, soft suede, wisps of sandalwood and copal smoke. Wear this comforting concoction to honor your feline familiars and invoke their ancient power.

The love of Flowers.
White tea rose, French lavender, cotton flower, Easter lily, pear blossom, the barest hint of ylang, and the vivid green of snipped stems. Wear this scent to attract beauty, pleasure, and luxury.

The love of Books.
The vanillic scent of aging paper, the tang of fresh ink, venerable bookshelves of oak and mahogany, a sweet trace of pipe tobacco, an undercurrent of faded leather. Wear this subtle potion to invoke spirits of arcane knowledge and empower your perceptions.

Brigid's Fire
A warming blend to honor the Awakening Goddess and invoke her inspiration. Spiced fig and apricot preserves, smoldering patchouli and pipe tobacco swirled with tannic black tea and languid benzoin. Wear this luminous scent to stoke the fires of creativity and vitality at your sacred center.  

The love of Thunder and Lightning.
Slivered almond and ozone swirled with white clove, ambergris accord, ponderous grey musk, spiced tobacco, and black cotton. Wear this galvanic scent to call forth your inner strength and summon your fortitude.

The love of Cemeteries.
Freshly turned soil, gentle rain, moss-covered tombstones, low-lying fog, old red oaks, and fading funeral lilies. Wear this somber scent to invoke the blessings of your ancestors and commune with the dearly departed.

The love of Trees.
Moss-covered deadfall, birchwood and pine, lingering resins and sunlight through the leaves, a trace of woodsmoke, the memory of vetiver and cedar. Wear this evocative blend to commune with the spirits of nature and reconnect with your primal wisdom.

Feast of Oya
I learned of this formula from dear friend who was raised on New Orleans Conjure. They instructed me to blend the oil at Imbolc and leave it to incubate in darkness for nine months until it is "born" on Samhain. As such, this is a *very* limited edition fragrance and once it is sold out, it cannot be made available again until next year.
A traditional Louisiana infusion to honor the Law of Lightning and call forth her power. Ozone and petrichor sharpen the edges of cardamom, green pepper, and sage, while black cherry and pipe tobacco sweeten the base. Wear this scent to bring the thunder and awaken your sacred fury.

The love of Sunlight.
Molten amber, Arabian sandalwood, beach-tumbled teak, frankincense tears, crystallized ginger, and ripe tangerine. Wear this warm potion to illuminate your authentic self and ignite your star quality.

King Cake
Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler! This decadent perfume conjures an air of mirth and frivolity, lifting the spirits and dispelling negativity. It's an all-purpose Good Luck blend, attracting blessings from out of the blue. Tahitian vanilla, East Indian spices, and caramelized Caribbean rum.

The love of Night and Darkness.
Ceylon tea, languid patchouli, molasses and myrrh, deep Peru balsam, Turkish figs, blackberries, currants, and cashmere. Wear this mysterious blend for all manner of nocturnal encounters.

The love of Rain.
Water lily, maile vine, petrichor, neroli, dew-drenched greens, aloe, cucumber, and a touch of pale frankincense. Wear this soothing blend to cleanse and purify.

The love of the Moon.
Night-blooming jasmine, dewy gardenia, Mysore sandalwood, white amber, pearlescent musk, silver sage and a touch of frozen clove. Wear this luminous blend to invoke the magic of the Moon and draw down her healing energy.


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