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New Year's Set
Eagle Eye
A potion for elevated perspective. Mountain springwater, trembling aspen, Scotch pine, stone musk, and cedar. Wear this potent blend to dispel illusions and regain clarity. It is particularly useful in breaking through the clouds of pessimism.

Eye of Horus
A sacred scent for protection and healing. Black agar, green fig, preserved plums, saffron and cinnamon, frankincense and myrrh, a swirl of amber and a sliver of grapefruit zest. Wear this enchanted perfume to restore your energy and shield your from all malefaction.

Eye of the Storm
A blend for stillness and silence in the midst of chaos. Aloe vera, ambergris accord, blue chamomile, lemon balm, night-blooming jasmine, clary sage, tonka, and a cooling trace of camphor. Wear this soothing scent to release tension and alleviate stress.

A keen blend for concentration, sustained attention, and heightened awareness. Fresh lime zest, rosemary, bay leaves, benzoin, green amber, marjoram, apricot skin, and oakmoss. Wear this scent during research, analysis, and all manner of study. It assists in comprehension and retention of data.

A mystical blend for prognostication and planning. Angelica, precious saffron, orris root, sage leaves, heliotrope, eyebright, and a subtle touch of star anise. Wear this blend when plotting the course toward big dreams and long-term goals. It has a knack for navigating around potential obstacles and delays.

An energizing blend to strengthen the memory. Green tea, galangal, rosemary, sandalwood, and nutmeg. Wear to invigorate the intellect and banish brain fog. It is particularly helpful when the mind is scattered by fatigue.

A serene and introspective blend of blue lotus, chilled coconut water, lavender, white copal, and a whisper of heirloom rose. Wear this gentle scent to facilitate meditation, pathworking, or lucid dreaming.

Odin's Eye
A powerful blend for wisdom and strategy. Iced blueberry, cedarwood, birch, crushed peppercorn, cardamom, frozen musk and white amber. Anoint pulse points and Third Eye to ignite the fire of the mind and access cosmic knowledge.

Second Sight
An illuminating scent to heighten psychic talents and facilitate divination. Mugwort, celery, silver cinquefoil, lily of the valley, and acacia. Wear this magical perfume for clarity in oracular and channelling rituals. It may also be used to anoint Tarot cards, runes, and any tools of The Art.

A sophisticated scent for innovators and trail blazers. Montserrat teakwood, pipe tobacco, tonka bean, coriander, liatrix, lime blossom, honey amber, and blackstrap molasses. Wear this scent to ignite creativity, inspire revolutionary thought, and encourage imagination.

Gamer's Set
Achievement Unlocked
A bold blend of Mahogany and Merlot with tart elderberry and a single long-stemmed rose. Wear this sumptuous scent to amplify your confidence and hone your skills. Anoint the tools of your trade to move you swiftly toward success.

Charisma Bonus
A seriously sexy fragrance to ensnare the objects of your desire. Spiced black patchouli languishing in vanilla honey with scattered ylang petals and catnip leaves. Wear this potion to make an excellent first impression, to capture the attention of influential people, or to inspire passion during amorous encounters.

Cheat Code
This scent swiftly sorts through data, checking for accuracy and clearing confusion. It's especially helpful with problems that seem hopelessly unsolvable, tapping your natural ingenuity, lending perspective and accessing Universal guidance. Cheat Code is handcrafted and charged as the Aquarian moon sextiles Uranus in Aries. This connection ignites the fire of the mind in inspires the Inner Genius. Windswept teakwood, cedar, coriander and tea are grounded in black tonka with a hint of fine leather.

Level Up
An energizing blend to ignite your courage, drive, and fortitude and propel you through any obstacle. A deep scarlet incense of dragon's blood, nag champa, red sandalwood and oud spiked with blood orange and peppercorn.

This time-honored formula attracts wealth from hidden and unexpected sources. It's an excellent assistant in acquiring assets, both monetary and otherwise. Use to greatly increase the flow of wealth into your life, especially in financially dire situations. It has a particular penchant for landing those dream jobs that seem out of reach. Loot is handcrafted and charged as the Aries moon trines Jupiter in Sagittarius. This celestial connection opens doors that didn't exist and lights the path to affluence. Bayberry bark and dragon's blood with Ceylon cinnamon and two luxuriant vanillas.
* Do not apply to skin if you are sensitive to cinnamon.

Natural 20
An auspicious blend crafted from twenty traditional botanicals for luck and good fortune. A spritz of bright citrus, garden herbs and fresh golden ginger are grounded in patchouli and amber resin.

Power Down
A relaxing potion of labdanum and silken white sandalwood adorned with delicate lavender buds and a wisp of clary sage. Anoint your pulse points to alleviate stress, restore your peace of mind, and help you unwind.

Reset Button
A bracing blend to clear the slate and kick the New Year off right. Cool balsam and verdant mosses fresh with rain, cracked pink peppercorns, and grated ginger root. Anoint white candles to begin any new endeavor on the right foot, or apply this lively perfume any time you need an instant do-over.

Roll Initiative
A gently enlivening scent to wake you up and set the mind astir. It imparts a balanced sense of calm clarity so that you feel well-rested, focused, and alert. Egyptian cotton, pale driftwood, white pepper, green cardamom, and a slender wisp of copal smoke.

Saving Throw
A powerful protection blend to safeguard against everything from intentional malefaction to thoughtless negligence. White tea with lemon and wormwood, clove bud, Mediterranean cypress, smoldering myrrh with shadows of violet and star anise.


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