Nui Cobalt Autumn Part II Leftovers

Nui Cobalt Autumn Part II Leftovers

Nui Cobalt

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Appalachian Autumn
An homage to the Nature Spirits. Deer musk accord, campfire smoke, birch trees, angelica, ripe pears and rain. Wear to align your energy with that of the wilderness to invoke its many blessings. It's particularly soothing and supportive through the changing of the seasons.

Awaken the Witch
A venerable old potion to stoke the flame of magic within. An ancient library of leather bound grimoires on mahogany shelves. A cup of hot tea, subtly sweetened with vanilla bean and honey. Sandalwood incense mingling with black patchouli, cardamom, and coriander. Wear to amplify your psychic and magical power. It also serves as an all-purpose anointing oil for talismans and tools.

Bad Moon Rising
A gentle protection blend to carry your through the tough times. Wild violets, Adirondack blueberries, star anise, blackcurrants preserved in maple sugar with clove and a touch of almond. Wear during inauspicious astrological events or bouts of plain "bad luck." It has a talent for steering the winds of fortune in a more helpful direction.

Boneyard Boogie
A bawdy blend to honor the ancestors and the beloved dead. Whiskey and woodsmoke, frankincense and myrrh, rain-soaked rocks, grave dirt, a trace of brown suede and a twist of blood orange. Wear when visiting grave sites or in rituals of mediumship to ensure that the spirits are pleased by your presence.

Favorite Sweater
The perfect balance of cool and cozy. White oak and blonde teakwood, copal resin, crushed coriander, lamb's wool accord, a touch of creamy chai, and a spritz of green mandarin. Wear when you need comfort and a sense of security.

A blend for naughtiness. Blackcurrant, dragon's blood, ripe pomegranate, leather, red musk and Merlot. Wear when you're in the mood to break rules and flout convention. After all, well-behaved people rarely make history.

Lightning Storm
An intense blend for calling down the thunder. Petrichor and ozone, electrified metal, cold musk, bergamot, lime zest, cracked pink peppercorn, copal smoke, Indian myrrh, and teakwood. Wear when you're ready to turn your magic all the way up.

Scaredy Cat
A blend for courage and confidence. Tobacco flower, nag champa, white amber, warm fur accord, Omani musk and molten caramel. Wear when you need to be poised and fearless. It's an indispensable ally during interviews, presentations, exams, or first dates.

Scythe of Saturn
Crafted under the auspices of Saturn's direct station in his domicile of Capricorn, this sacred oil invokes the virtues of patience, diligence, maturity, responsibility, and wisdom. Metal and myrrh, ancient oak and blue spruce, bay laurel and Earl Grey. Wear when you need the inner strength and self-discipline to cut away what no longer serves you.

Tango De La Muerte
A dead sexy scent for passionate encounters. Red rose, tart cherry, baking spices, mahogany wood, strong black tea and sultry skin musk. Wear to amplify your powers of attraction and to heat up your carnal adventures.

Crystal Ball
An enchanted blend to assist in scrying, divination, and clairvoyance.
Water-clear and polished to lucid perfection. White lotus, sacred sandalwood, and artemesia. Wear this luminous blend to bring clarity to all psychic endeavors. Anoint astrological charts, Tarot cards, runes, or any instruments of second sight to bless and empower them.

The First Frost
A scent portending the year's dark half. Frozen moss, ice crystals glistening on the grass, cold soil and early darkness juxtaposed with soft white amber, woolen sweaters and a cozy spot by the fireplace. Wear this comforting concoction for solace and soothing. It's an ally against anxiety and a source of quiet reassurance.

First Harvest: Grain
Acres full of sunlight, tall and bountiful, a golden expanse of promise. The earthy scent of oatstraw and hay drying in the late-summer fields. Wear this scent to attract abundance and manifest wealth. Anoint copper pennies and bury to the East of your home to sow the seeds of prosperity.

Lantern Light
A beacon to guide you through the gathering gloom. Honey amber and Meyer lemon illuminate dark Ceylon tea, ebony wood, and black tonka bean. Wear this incandescent fragrance to gain insight and summon helpful spirits.

Mourning Veil
Somber elegance with a touch of mystery. Melancholy layers of black vanilla bean, white sandalwood, petrichor, tear-stained taffeta, suede gloves and a silk-lined mahogany coffin. Wear this gothic bouquet to soothe a weary heart and ease sadness. Add a drop or two to the bath when you need to release negative feelings and restore emotional equilibrium.

The Mystery of Maple Walk
Whispering leaves flutter down in shades of livid crimson. Their secrets die with nightfall and the silent portent of snow. This comforting blend inspires relaxation and a deep sense of calm contentment. Sugar maple swirled with spices, dragon's blood, dark woods, frozen flakes of vanilla and a single drop of the blackest black cherry.

Pale as Death
Wan and bloodless phantoms move forlorn among the headstones. Funeral lilies, datura accord, luna moths on cotton flowers, and white clover along a graveyard path. Wear this conciliatory potion for support in times of sadness. It is particularly helpful through the process of grieving.

Path of Leaves
The scent of decay in the deciduous forests of autumn. Rain and earth, hoarded acorns, abandoned birds' nests, and a sleepy chill slowly encroaching. Wear this atmospheric blend to support you through big changes, major shifts, and rites of passage.

Phoenix Tears
A legendary panacea said to cure even the most dire afflictions. Frankincense tears, Balm of Gilead, bay laurel, green tea, blue vervain, angelica, and oak leaves. Wear this healing potion to support renewal, restoration, and revitalization. Add a few drops to the bath for a soothing self-care ritual.

Second Harvest: Fruit
Luscious abundance. Homemade pies and preserves brimming with spiced pear, blackberry, apricot and currant. Wear this confection to attract pleasure and feelings of contentment. Anoint pink or gold candles to manifest luxury and creature comforts.

Shadow Grove
Darkness sets the spirits to stirring. Rain-soaked rocks and fertile earth teeming with blind vitality. This dusky blend lends power to night-magick, dream work, and communing with the Dearly Departed. Creaking birch limbs, howling wind, wet patchouli, tomb moss, and teak.

Skeletal Birch
Stark white and paper thin, seeming so vulnerable absent their leaves, the slender birch heralds purification and new beginnings. Crisp woodland air, dry branches, river rocks, a dash of black pepper and a wisp of campfire smoke. Wear this bracing blend to free yourself of stale, stagnant energy and step boldly into your next chapter.

Third Harvest: Blood
A deeply sensual blend to amplify your powers of seduction. Smoldering dragon's blood resin, black tea with autumn harvest honey, warm scarlet musk, soft suede, crushed cloves, a drop of garnet cherry and a splash of merlot. Wear this primal perfume to attract new lovers and inspire passion. Anoint red candles for workings of carnal magick.

Trembling Aspen
Among the first trees to change color, it exchanges subdued green for a bright, buttery yellow that complements the afternoon light. But perhaps its most distinguishing feature is the rapid, fluttering movement of its leaves. Flat leaf stalks give the Trembling Aspen's foliage a unique quiver in the breeze, seeming to sparkle in the long shadows of September. Sunflower petals, delicate strands of saffron, crystallized ginger, and candied kumquat. Wear this scintillating scent to evoke courage and confidence.


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