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Possets Halloween Retour


The basic idea and making me think of a brass amulet worn round the neck to ward off evil spirits with the magical scent of a very woody vanilla in the background. Resinous, vanilla.

This is almost a black walnut-like fragrance which contains the essence of black cumin seed (a great healing and yet exciting herb), astringent sandalwood and a smoky vetiver. Dark and very exciting.

Two dark sandalwoods, as strong as tears. A bit of iris and a very small amount of lilac. A brisk shot of luan wood and a bit of light brown musk to hold it all down.

Cypress essence with a hint of sweet earth, a distant and indistinct blossom, a smooth creamy underscore of a light creamy almost ozone modifier topped off with Chinese incense.

Thick dark coffee touches a small part of the blend, a good thwack of aged rich patchouli, lashing of fig syrup (not the kind that you eat, the kind that you smell), all mixed up with a lovely incense. Resinous, oriental, dark.

Apep, The Snake God
Elegant and dark clove and thick patchouli are wound around a core of a home made chypre which is a wonderful dry and dusty floor upon which to build the rest of it all. Oriental, dark, resin.

Bitter almond is the perfect top note for fall, heavily strong but very short lasting smelling like a distant electrical storm and of cyanide. Cardamom in abundance and a nice bed of fresh brewed arabica coffee dark and rich, this amid the perfume of clove from Zanzibar, and Vietnamese cinnamon.

The Asp
The amazing fragrance of gardenia with a particularly earthy vetiver and patchouli, and naturally fig, for the little serpent was said to have been smuggled into Cleopatra in a basket of figs.

Deepest pumpkin, brightest suave French lavender, and a thrill of cardamom, light skin musk to hold it all together and keep it going for hours.

Atropos' Slip
A truly special treat of delicious yellow candies dripping in butter, like home-made candy corn, combined with a cookie treat the likes of which you have only tasted once...more candy than cookie. The idea here is toasted and enhanced sweets.

Vivaldi. Carnation and sandalwood, mulling spices, a small amount of black patchouli, a bit of black musk.

Autumnal Equinox
Nuts and spices, the last rose of summer, a bit of Eastern stoicism and a dash of Western naivety. Like the purest day of a summer's end, the most perfect part of the year. Foody/gourmand/floral.

Bad Catholics
Sweet like a bit of chocolate liqueur but only the bitter kind which is wound in with a lot of amber of the sweetest variety, then shot with coconut milk and a candy buttery scent.

A rich melange of red fruits and suave flowers combines with the pungency of peppers from the mysterious East. A bit of dark black musk holds it all down to the ground.

Grain, oatmeal to be precise rich and carby (but gluten free) deep and golden. Covered over with three honeys from various parts of the world (Anatolian, American Sage, and Maltese), a touch of cream and a huge basket of peaches (white Georgia and yellow blush).

A gingerbread-like base filled with molasses and raisins soaked in rum, then a great tumble of chestnuts and a good dollop of maraschino cherry and almond extract, finally a thick crusting of brown sugar, another shot of rum and citron.

The Bastard Child Of The Circus Peanut
Smells like a circus peanut but like you have never ever smelled a circus peanut. Yumm-o!

Bat Fur Cloak
This is a comforting somewhat perfumy blend with delicate fruits and a shot of some sweet and rich treat. Unusual, unisex and really compelling. Foody/gourmand.

Bat In Your Hair
Wacky orange, black licorice, and some scratchy and batty ingredients which will have you snorting with glee. Foody, gourmand.

Black Annis
Star Anise, black anise, fennel, absinthe, smoked licorice, and sweet black dry licorice.

Black Hole
Vetiver and black pepper, lavender and earth, a "black" patchouli, a slight slight slight bit of tarragon.

Cabernet (100% Natural)
A wine-like Vanatu Sandalwood and a light bodied patchouli put together really capture the scent of deep dark red wine! This is a fun imposter fragrance and it is 100% natural.

Candy Corn Polka
Jouncing notes of candy corn jumbled together and so very very very sweet. Brown sugar, a hint of tutti fruit complimented by a very high class almost smokey version of the confection. Dynamite for the foody lover. Yummmmy.

Candy Swag
Candy candy and more candy, until you are buzzing like a bee and then some. You will be involuntarily licking your teeth when you put this one on. Scrumptious. Unisex, foody, pure. Sweet, foody, gourmand.

Never was the green fairy so appetizing as when she flits about in all her veridian glory backed up by a hard dark and sweet liquor, and a jolt of rare sweet black musk. This is a strong Absinthe, and it should keep its licorice character long after you are exhausted and have fallen into bed.

Pumpkin and chocolate what a heavenly combination. This one is extra special because you can smell the outdoors still clinging to the orange skin of a pumpkin.

Almond and Anatolian honey, cinnamon, orange flower and the rich earthiness of henna. Very seductive and sets the perfect pitch. Perfumy, earthy floral.

The Cray Dance of the Pumpkin
A sweet caramel-like interpretation of pumpkin starts off, pairs with a smooth exotic spice dust, and starts to vamp with black fig, honey, a whiff of leaf smoke, and the wickedest caramel shell ever.

Quirky dark syrup of milo is rubbed with a small amount of lime and a grain of incense. Really intriguing. Foody.


Decants=8x35mm vials, Minis=5/8 dram bottles.  Full sized bottles are stocked at Possets Perfume.   As limited edition collections, these scents will be allowed to sell out.