Possets Yule Retour C-E Leftovers


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Possets Yule Retour 


Calorie Neutralizer
Light clove and heavy sugar with a great sheet of the most buttery of toffee on top.

A delightful white and fluffy coconut enhanced with a backwash of copra (the concentrated dried essence of coconut) flirting with the most beautiful (and non-stinky) jasmine ever.

Chypre d'Hiver
100% Natural Oakmoss, lavender, and orange together make a fabulous natural chypre.

Circle Within A Circle Within A Circle
Clove and vetiver, basil and a light kiss of violet. A strong camphor musk rounds out the blend. Not for the faint of heart.

Clara's Party from the Nutcracker
Black musk, Arabian frankincense, 3 golden ambers, gingerbread, and a goodly shot of black tea.

Complex Sugar
Something sweet, very sweet but yet subtle with a hint of something your tongue and mind just keep on chasing around and never quite catching. To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, it is that which satisfies completely but leaves you craving more. Complex sugar, the height of civilization, no?

Pomegranate, ginger, a bit of chrysanthemum, cranberries, a bit of cherry syrup and that is cornucopia.

Cranberry Pie
Oooo, tart and puckery but sweet and surprising...cranberry pie is just right if you are a fan of the beautiful red fruit and fancy an adventure into just how far you can go with these deep rouge berries. Spice dances in this mixture, and a wonderfully fruity thick and dark back wall of caramelized juices blend so perfectly with the crust around this one that it is an amazement. Not too too sweet and it is ravishing.

Damned Souls
What is better than staying home with an unlimited supply of hot buttered rum and a huge bag of marshmallows and an easy way to toast them?

Dance Chinoise
Nutcracker Pekoe tea, green tea, incense, and lime leaf.

Dance of the Hours
Mint, coconut, copra, and Meyer lemon make up The Dance of the Hours.

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
Fruit wine with a powerful violet snap to it. Very cold but deeply musky.

Non stop fun with coconut. Here I explore a woodier part of the coconut which makes this a more grown up blend than a simple foodie. There is a true loveliness to a good coconut blend and this one is put together with that staple of winter, the beautiful "incense" balsam pine. there is also a small amount of pineapple which is a sweetener for the balsam with some of the same elements shared by both. a very unusual blend but one which is a true gourmandy.

Diamond Dust
This is a symphony of musks, a white, crystal, yellow and a small amount of lemon which really made me think of an evening in December standing outside and marveling at the diamond dust coming out of the sky.

Dirty Angel
Two types of patchouli, a ginger backup, the classic dirt accord, a small small drop of vetiver, and a waft of galangal.

Divine Clockwork
A cool vanilla mint and warm bitter chocolate become more than just a marriage of great foodie combinations.

Elegant floral wood with a sweet white musk undertone and a very animalic part to it all, in a very sexy way.

The most beautiful of frankincense, the most subtle and luxurious of white oudes, the most sweet of myrrh (a very special type of golden myrrh), a light golden patchouli, and a drop of styrax.

Neroli blossom from Italy, delight in grapefruit to cut the sweetness, a lashing of vanilla, and a far call of lily of the valley.

The Enormous Rose
Roses and opium, the scent of stony soil. A celestial sort of a rose scent which somehow manages to combine: the earthiness of civet with a calcium fragrance, with a deep and earthy amber.

Warm wheat scent from the sun, a sparkle of an invading virus (which is a touch of wine in this case) blended with a comforting bakery scent and a bit of sugar frosting.


Decants=8x35mm vials, Minis=5/8 dram bottles.  Full sized bottles are stocked at Possets Perfume.   As limited edition collections, these scents will be allowed to sell out.