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A Dream of Sleep
Rose, violet, hawthorn, mimosa, jasmine, white musk, myrrh, and sandalwood.

Cracked earth, mandarin peel, marigold, pistachio, and willow leaf.

Black Cat Oil
A tincture of bay leaves, sage, three catnip leaves, opoponax, Himalayan sea salt, and iron nails, with honey (vegan), patchouli, tuberose, orchid, clover, cinnamon, and skin musk.

Concrete Angel
Cypress, magnolia, water lily, potted fern, tulip, warm red dirt, and damp headstones.

Violet, bitter pomegranate seeds, marshmallow fluff, and frost.

Dead Men Only Play the Blues
Menthol cigarettes, sassafras, brown sugar and coconut husk, tuberose and honeysuckle, vanilla, teak wood, and sandalwood.

Devil at the Crossroads
Twisted, charred oak trees and snapped pines, leather, pimento, mandarin, dragon's blood, brimstone, and bourbon.

The Family Plot
Honeysuckle, carnation, pink peppercorn, dirt and kudzu leaf, dusty mahogany, and blood accord.

Holy basil, chrysanthemum accord, driftwood, frankincense, and haircloth.

Ghost Milk
Orange blossom, sugar, rice milk, amber, and vanilla.

Moss, recently disturbed soil, mahogany, citronella, strong black coffee, and the breath of the beast.

Heat Lightning
Coconut, hazelnut, clove, night blooming flowers, benzoin, and humidity trapped under a tin roof.

If You’re Reading This, Get a Hobby
Hibiscus and orange blossom petals, Cuban tobacco smoke, copal, coconut, patchouli, and palo santo carried by a sea breeze.

Lavage de Autos
Wax, motor oil, cement, soap suds, and a splash of white musk.

Dandelions, iced tea, gingersnap crumbs and jam fingerprints on a little lost girl's cotton dress.

Peach blossom, honeysuckle, sage, fern, tuberose, dragon's blood, clove, and smoked vanilla.

Of Sweat and Lightning
A blend of Fire in a Bottle, Sweat Tea, and Tempest, with lily-of-the-valley and a drizzle of honey.

River Song
Amber resin, vanilla, honeysuckle, geranium, fast-moving waters, and cake.

See How High She Flies
Woodsmoke, pine needles and broom straw tangled in hair, mandrake, trumpet flowers, and black patchouli.

Peeling wallpaper, dusty cedar cabinets, pipe smoke, lavender, and wisteria.

Witch Mallow
Star anise, marshmallow, dragon's blood, nag champa, black patchouli, white musk, amber, bonfire smoke, and ylang-ylang.  

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