Lucky #9 Cool Cats

Lucky #9 Cool Cats

Status: Open till 3pm est Monday, January 15th
Honorary cool cat Bones makes his debut with a surprisingly refreshing scent! Fresh garden dirt, smooth leather accord, and cooling cucumber.

Frankin' Sweetie
Sweet enough to eat, with a few jitters! Sugary maple, pecan streusel, sugar cookies paired with freshly brewed coffee and FRANKincense.

I'm Baby
Delicate apple blossoms and cozy wafer cookies dunked in vanilla cream with a sneaky self-sufficient streak of woody, warm incense.

Izzy's Tortitude
Just like her attitude, sour grapefruit, spicy rosemary, too-cool-for you vanilla bean and her favorite bed of any clothes with motor oil.

Manannan Manuel Calavera
An irresistible bad boy with a cozy heart of gold. Early autumn pumpkin mixed with seasonal spices and a healthy dose of warm vanilla musk wrapped in a leather jacket with a handy spell book tucked in the pocket. *Contains Cinnamon

Rose's RBF
Fresh cut roses tart'ed up with grapefruit, blackberries, and raspberries with extra brambles.

Simen, You Kumquat
Peachy keen with the brain of a kumquat, as pure as bergamot and hyacinth, with a face of balsam fir and sage

Tybalt's Boyfriend
The essence of a true floof wizard! A cold cup of earl grey spilled over tome pages, a smoldering brazier of hot coals, esoteric spices, amber, and juuuust a teeny whisper of 'herb' smoke.

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