Nui Cobalt Geeks and Gamers

Nui Cobalt Geeks and Gamers

Status: Ordered Jan 3rd
Achievement Unlocked 2024
A bold blend of Mahogany and Merlot with tart elderberry and a single long-stemmed rose. Wear this sumptuous scent to amplify your confidence and hone your skills. Anoint the tools of your trade to move you swiftly toward success.

Arch Nemesis
The formidable foe, reflection of the Shadow Self. A fiery blend of bayberry bark, clove bud, pipe tobacco, ginger root, coriander, pinyon pine, and tart cherry wine. Wear to invoke your primal force and ferocity.

Bardic Inspiration
An uplifting aroma to empower your words and enthrall your audience.
Top notes of tangerine blossom and orchid, a heart of nutmeg and non-indolic jasmine, on a smooth foundation of ambrette seed and vanilla.
Wear for influence and eloquence in all communications.

Befriending the Dragon
A mighty ally to protect and defend you through the most perilous parts of your journey.
Glowing embers of copal, sandalwood, and dragon’s blood resin, coriander, toasted oats, roasted hazelnuts, ginger root, copaiba balsam, bronzed suede, and a glimmer of ripe blood orange.
Wear to cast an invisible shield around you, and to lend you extra strength whenever you need it.

Charisma Bonus
A seriously sexy fragrance to ensnare the objects of your desire. Spiced black patchouli languishing in vanilla honey with scattered ylang petals and catnip leaves. Wear this potion to make an excellent first impression, to capture the attention of influential people, or to inspire passion during amorous encounters.

Cheat Code
This scent swiftly sorts through data, checking for accuracy and clearing confusion. It's especially helpful with problems that seem hopelessly unsolvable, tapping your natural ingenuity, lending perspective and accessing Universal guidance. Windswept teakwood, cedar, coriander and tea are grounded in black tonka with a hint of fine leather.

Deus Ex Machina
From out of the blue an ally appears to lift our hero from the clutches of doom.
Antique ivory suede, pale amber, powdered roots of orris and angelica, honeyed tea, lime zest, and lobelia.
Wear to restore hope and recover your composure.

Divine Smite
A radiant aura to align celestial powers with your own.
Silver musk, blue lotus, ambergris accord, chilled white tea, frankincense, and crackling atmospheric ozone.
Wear to increase the effectiveness of petitions, prayers, and sacred offerings.

Draconic Resilience
A stalwart spell for strength and reinforcement.
Glowing embers of cedarwood, oudh, and mahogany, supple leather, copaiba balsam, vermillion musk, and heat.
Wear to ameliorate the damaging effects of everyday stress and tension.

Dwarven Fortitude
An earthy blend for vibrant health, vitality, and vigor.
Vetiver root reaching deep into fertile soil, soft deerhide accord, blackest patchouli, antique oakwood, and forge-warmed iron.
Wear for quick recovery from illness, injury, and trauma.

Elven Accuracy
A piquant perfume for clarity and precision.
Bright nasturtium flower, spiced mulberry jam, white cedarwood, pale musk, and liatrix.
Wear to sharpen the senses and improve all powers of perception.

Fey Touched
A glistening aura of elemental power to enhance all spellcraft.
Sunflower petals, honeyed almond, yuzu, sacred benzoin, and prismatic mist from woodland stream dappled in sunlight.
Wear to enhance the effect of any ritual or magical working.

Infernal Constitution
This fiendish fragrance casts a fiery shield around you.
Mulled plum wine, dragon’s blood resin, redwood, and smoldering oudh.
Wear for protection from harmful energies, either mundane or arcane.

Lost Temple
A nexus of mystery and hidden power.
Damp moss, a humid tangle of mandevilla vines, freshly cut palo santo, rain-drenched stone, and the memory of sacred fires.
Wear to open your awareness to Otherworldly voices. It’s quite useful in divination.

Magic Compass
An enchantment to navigate you through the fog and keep you on the right path.
Shining brass, benzoin, angelica flower, quatre épices, sandalwood, golden patchouli, and a touch of ripe passion fruit.
Wear for support in making optimal decisions for the best possible outcome.

The Mentor
A venerable wizard, mysterious but kind, with faded robes and shining eyes. Ancient sandalwood, well-worn linen, olive leaf, oakmoss, Earl Grey tea, and sacred temple incense. Wear for guidance in times of confusion, and for spiritual support in times of discouragement.

Oath of Vengeance
A potion for divine justice.
Thorned blackberry bramble, strong Ceylon tea, Egyptian musk, peppercorn and a dark trace of myrrh.
Wear to invoke the powers of divine retribution.

The Oracle
Wisdom woven into riddles, the hidden keys to victory are given only to those with the grace and humility to acknowledge they have much to learn.
A luminous mist of pear blossom, honeysuckle, osmanthus, elderflower, steamed rice, coconut water, and jasmine green tea amid sandalwood trees.
Wear to expand perception past the confines of preconceived notions, and attain greater, more integrated understanding.

Orcish Fury
An intense olfaction to alchemize primal rage.
Black amber, ginger root, mission fig, tobacco, patchouli, oudh, mahogany, and garnet musk.
Wear to channel anger healthily, and to make productive use of emotional energy.

Origin Story 2021
Wide-eyed with wonder, a blank page awaits, our protagonist is poised on the threshold, brimming with potential and limitless possibility. Sunlit fields of oat straw and hay, linden blossom, elderflower, and lavender, late summer pears, and homemade rice pudding. Wear to refresh the mind and restore vitality. It’s particularly helpful in rituals of healing.

Secret Alliance
A potion for effective partnership, loyalty, and mutual support.
Green amber, black fig, sensual ylang, dark patchouli, coumarin, and soft suede musk.
Wear to attract the best possible co-conspirators and nurture healthy connection.

Shadow Touched
A dusky philtre for stealth and sleight of hand.
Black vanilla, unsweetened chai, antique myrrh, Omani musk, rich pipe tobacco, agarwood, and unrefined cashmere.
Wear to make your moves in silence and keep your secrets safe from prying eyes.

Social Justice Bard
Label art and scent concept by JeCorey Holder.
Voice of the common folk, open arms for the lost and disenfranchised. His song restores hope in the cynic and compassion in the cold.
A swirl of spiced rum alight with the reflection of the fireplace, slowly toasting marshmallows, a tendril of smoke from a pipe, and decades-old suede.
Wear for grounding and centering, for a deep sense of comfort no matter where you are or who you’re with.

Social Justice Ranger
Label art and scent concept by JeCorey Holder.
Guardian of field and forest, she of the swift arrow who suffers neither bigotry nor tyranny. Her keen eye penetrates the mists of deception and her aim is ever true.
An evergreen balsamic scent alive with dewy grasses, lush moss, chilled green tea, wild woodland berries, and sweet resins.
Wear to recalibrate your discernment and refine your perspective when faced with complex social matters.

Social Justice Sorcerer
Label art and scent concept by JeCorey Holder.
Weaver of potent enchantments, a banisher of hatred, and a mighty agent of Karma.
Ripe boysenberry, black amber, dragon’s blood, purple musk, liatrix, deep red Merlot, and the ancient leather of her grimoire.

Villain Origin Story
Jaded by the world’s ills, a heart is ignited not by hope, but by fury.
Sinister patchouli, spiced mulberry wine, smoldering musk, deep mahogany, and a sliver of peach skin.
Wear to connect with your Sacred Shadow and transmute anger into strength.

Ye Olde Village Tavern
Safe, warm, and cozy.
Pipe tobacco, oak barrel aged whiskey, smoldering cedarwood, black walnut, freshly turned hay, and brown saddle leather.
Wear to inspire comfort, ease, satiety, and peace.

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