2020 Price Changes

Posted by Angela Espenschied on

Nearly all prices will be shifting a wee bit this year. Some are even going down a lil bit!
Mostly things simply HAD to be changed to clean them up for bookkeeping purposes and to account for the fact that systems need to work for more than just me, lol. Basically, any of the Ajevie team needs to be able to look at things and be like 'Ah, I know what that is' instead of looking at my half-in-the-messy-files-half-in-my-overstuffed-head notes and being like, 'WTactualF?!'.
This will also make it easier to see where changes need made come next year. Every year, we'll be assessing costs and making changes as needed. This doesn't always mean things going up! After all, Ajevie's goal is to be sustainable and viable - not to make a million, lol. That means if we're able to cut costs, you'll see that savings, too! As always, prices will scale with official brand price changes, also.
I am happy to say that despite upgrades, Shipping Prices will be staying relatively the same after the USPS's price changes at the end of the month. (Domestic will see about a 2.2% increase with International going up 9.9%)

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