It's the weekend again!

Posted by Angela Espenschied on

It's the weekend again!

I was going to try to get some shipping done tonight before the 3am deadline for scheduling a pickup, but winds have got my net being fessy and the shipping app is giving me maintenance sass. So! There's a ton of packages packed and ready to go on Monday. Epically Epic's Spring stuffs, Haus of Gloi's Birthday collection, The overstocked Fools from the Lab, and Lavender Lace! Little reminder, DarkDel does not frimp, so there's no frimps included with the full sizes, I'm afraid. We have another shipping notice from the Lab, but we won't know for sure what's in it till it gets here.  I'll update the Status page when it does.

This weekend, we'll be focusing on cleaning up the yard, turning over the garden, and generally spring maintenance around the place.

What are you up to??

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