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First apologies!

We will not be physically able to meet tomorrow's 10 day processing deadline for the Lab Weenies.  The Lab Weenies have been given an extended Deadline of November 12th.  You will still have plenty of time to test as these collections don't start coming down from the Lab site until the end of December.  Provided there are no unforeseeable disasters, the plan is to finish labeling (all 2,000+) decants today, pull them tomorrow, and pack/ship over the weekend.  I have secured a new 1oz bottle provider so the problem that caused this domino effect of delays won't happen again!  No other currently assigned deadlines are being extended!  Everything else is set to ship on time.

All pre-orders going forward will be assigned the 14 business day deadline until the end of February.  I was supposed to extend the deadline for the busy season at the beginning of October and just forgot.  And then, I didn't feel it would be fair to kick it in for pre-orders that were already placed. October starts the busy season where we have multiple massive collections arriving one on top of another and this generally carries on until after Valentines updates are done.  

Weenies Leftovers WILL be listed during the blackout for a few days.  They will be live from 5pm est Wednesday the 14th until 5pm est Saturday the 17th.  Then, they will join everything else in blackout as the 2018 stock is shifting into their Alumni listings.

Important Info Summary ;)

Ajevie Current Turn Around Times 
Busy Season (Oct - Feb) Pre-Order - 3 to 14 business days after they arrive.
Pre-Order - 3 to 10 business days after they arrive.
Leftovers and other in stock items - Ship Every Friday

Leftovers/Alumni Blackout November 12th - 23rd. The only thing available in the shop during this time will be active pre-orders. Alumni and leftovers will return on Small Business Saturday.
Winter Break December 21st - 28th. The shop will be closed for some updating and my brief holiday break. No emails will be answered, no shipping/packing/decanting - actual legit time off, etc, lol.

Conjure Oils Hallows: Deadline November 16th
BPAL Weenies: EXTENDED Deadline November 13th
ZOMG Smells October: Deadline November 16th

BPTP Bats & Hallowenches: Ordered October 26th
BPAL Lunacy, Resistance, & Bats: Ordered October 26th
Haus of Gloi Yule I: Ordered November 4th
Epically Epic Fall: Ordered November 8th

P.S. The Status Page will tell you all about what collections are shipping when. There's regular updates posts in the FaceBook group and news, such as unexpected delays, will be crossposted on the Blog.  

Love & Luck,

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