🐰🌷 Possets Spring Retour 🌷🐰

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Spring Retour is Here!

Addons, Various sizes, and Unlimited stock are available until 3pm est Friday March 22nd

Spring Retour 
Permanent Blend Addons

With 100+ scents to pick from, the list is far too long to include here.  Instead, I thought I'd mention a few of my personal favorites.  Beware, I'm big into citrus in the spring. ;)

This one has the get-up-and-go push from the grapefruit, but with an elegance that says do it in heels and muslin. "A man made ambergris combined with pink grapefruit and a l small amount of white musk and an elegant intrusion of saffron. Musky and resinous. Downright dangerous."

Pepys Yellow Pepys
Look, just give me all the Pepys ever, okay?  "A whiff of banana and a slight zest of lemon which pairs up so nicely with the marshmallows underneath it all holding it together and keeping it in the family."

Phi (Silver Lime)
For those of you unfamiliar with the Posset's Silver accord - it is an amazing, dry vanilla with a hint of sweetness that doesn't really trip over into foody.  "The perfect wonder of freshest lime and the famous "silver' accord dancing along with a few secret enhancements."

Solid Gold Bangles
This is one of those scents that will forever be 'classic' Fabienne to me.  A great fruity scent that is sophisticated without becoming busy. "Light pomegranate syrup combined with a golden sweet musk, a hint of sandalwood for a serious basenote, and pear. Fruity, musky, and very golden."

And to end the list, nothing screams spring quite like...

An unapologetic floral and it reminds me of a huge field of tulips in Holland, all waving in the spring breeze and they are all purple, blue, and white.


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