☁❄ Sixteen92 Winter Part 2❄☁

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Sixteen92 Winter part 2!

Smoky oud, blackened moss, white birch, styrax, tobacco, coal embers (premium)

Firewood, dried harvest fruits, pale sandalwood, sweet alyssum, a swirl of incense

Toasted vanilla bean, espresso, sweet myrrh, roasted pecan, honeyed wheat, citrus zest

Winter narcissus, tonka bean, immortelle flower, sleet, ozone, white amber

Black and red tea leaves, nutmeg, sweet woods, forest moss, loam, chilled night air

Addons, Various sizes, Sets, and Unlimited stock are available until 5pm est January 3rd

A Note About Resurrection Scents!
I strongly advise that you place a separate Ajevie order for any Resurrection addons as those scents will not be shipping from Sixteen92 until February/March!  Sixteen92's Resurrection 2019 info. 


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