The Fool's Journey acting the fool...

Posted by Angela Espenschied on

Due to a technical oversight on my part, The Fool's Journey collection continued to sell well after it should have been sold out. I've had to place an emergency order with the Lab to cover them. These should be shipped out to me fairly quickly since they're ordered by themselves and not with anything else, but the Lab is a fickle mistress. ;)
I will be eating the shipping costs to prevent anyone waiting on their other items. If you receive an incomplete Fool's order feel free to email me to confirm that the missing items are still pending or have been shifted to another of your pending orders.
That said, a good 400 orders will be shipping over the next 5 Business Days!
ETA: Also, I keep forgetting to add the Post Tyrant Hair Gloss to the backorder list. It arrived today, but will be processing later in the week!

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