Aug 8, 4:30pm est

Fulfillment errors: For some tech-gremlin reason the shipping app is sending 'partial fulfillment' on orders instead of full. If you've gotten a shipping notice and it says that your order has been PARTIALLY fulfilled (and you haven't asked for a SnS) it's LYING. The full order has shipped.  Tech support have escalated the issue to the dev team and we're hoping for a swift resolution.  If it's not corrected by the end of the week, we will dig in and manually correct all of the fulfillments.


Please, please, please check the Status Page before inquiring about if your order has shipped.

Please be patient and hold off on inquiring when your order will ship if it is still within the turn around time (TAT) and please remember that Business Days do not include weekends or holidays.  The Status Page tells you all about when to expect shipping.

A wealth of information is also available via the FAQ.  While I thoroughly encourage you to reach out if you are unsure of ANYTHING a good 80% of emails received in the last year were requesting information that is readily available right here on the website.

Again, The Status Page will tell you all about what collections are shipping when. There's regular updates posted to our social media, too!

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Have further questions or concerns?  Don't hesitate to give me a poke!


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