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Anointing Oil
Dragon's blood, myrrh, frankincense, benzoin, sweetwood, Bulgarian rose, sweetwood, pink pepper. This exquisite natural oil is a sacred blend suitable to consecrating the most delicate of tools and carries a heady temple fragrance that also makes it an enchanting perfume. A quality anointing oil should be a sensory experience to invoke powerful emotions and of a quality that any entity would acknowledge. This oil is both sacred and profane.

Red musk, spiced honey, tonka, teakwood, smoked vanilla, shisha, Indonesian spices. A love letter to the Red Goddess, Babylon is a fever dream of spice markets, temple smoke, whirling silks and shimmering skin. A rare and sensual delight guaranteed to transport you to ancient Mesopotamia.

Ambergris, soil, ozone, marine accord, seaweed accord, mitti attar, geosmin, matsutake mushroom isolates, algae. A storm at sea. The rage of the firmament. Leviathan is an elevated elemental fragrance brought to life from the pages of myth. It is lightning and salt spray, fundamental earth, a greenblue vision that crackles with ancient wrath. No cloying cologne, this. This scent is powerful and legendary.

White amber, muguet, herbal moss accord, grass, ivy, narcotic floral accord, tuberose, treemoss. In honor of the Virgin Lilith, the Unbowed, the First and Forsaken Lily whose feet first graced the Garden. This delicate bouquet sings of beauty, grace, a peerless will, and whispers of dark secrets. A gloriously green and floral fragrance, she goes on strong and dries down true. Ideal for people who love florals but hate cloying or powdery scents.

Orange blossom, aldehydes, green tea, galangal, white musk, neroli. This fragrance is a bright and complex citrus base that perfectly captures the first light of morning. Behind the first bright notes, however, comes a rich and subtlety animalistic note, a hint of danger. Morningstar is confident without being edgy, inspirational without being gauche.

Premium incense accord, sanjinol (sandalwood), rich, ultrapremium amber accord, Eucalyptus, siberian fir, camphor, redwood, ISO E super, treemoss, oakmoss absolute. Dearest Azazel, our Watcher in the Woods, our sineater, sparing our souls through the grace of goats. Where most woodland scents run together, Scapegoat stands alone. It is a masterful and complex blend of fragrant woods, incense and a sweet note of human desperation. It is unearthly, transgressing the primeval forest and concealing deep within it, a dark watcher to rival Yahweh. This is a pleasant but exceedingly powerful scent. Use it with care.

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