Nocturne Alchemy PC: Desecrated Tomb
Nocturne Alchemy PC: Desecrated Tomb
Nocturne Alchemy PC: Desecrated Tomb
Nocturne Alchemy PC: Desecrated Tomb

Nocturne Alchemy PC: Desecrated Tomb

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Effective immediately, NA PCs will not be restocked and once they are gone, we will no longer be carrying them.  INSTEAD anytime a new scent is added to a PC collection, we will run a pre-order for that collection just as we would for an LE.

Ahm Shere
Amber, Limestone Amber, Egyptian Musk (White, Red, Blue and Aswan Musk), Kyphi Lunar (28 ingredients) and Lapis Lazuli dust.

Black Frankincense
Earthy and Mysterious Boswellia Carterii of Egypt, Frankincense EO of India, Frankincense EO of Arabia, Deep aged Black Egyptian Musk of Aswan and White Egyptian Musk.

Black Linen
NAVA accord of Black Linen, Black Egyptian Cotton, Black Lotus Root, Egyptian Musk and Black Amber.

Black Myrrh
Alluring rich Black Myrrh Resin found in the Valley of the Kings, Egyptian Black Musk, Arabian Black Myrrh; aged in a Cedar casket.

Rise of Anubis
Black Nag Champa Incense, Red Musk, White Musk and Black Indian Vetiver.

Red Egyptian Musk, Star Anise, Arabian Pine and Labdanum laced Sweet Root.

The Mummy
Raisin Kyphi, Amber Resin, Fresh Dirt of a Tomb, Loam, Butterscotch, Caramel, Walnuts, Burned Sugarcream.

Tomb of the Undead
African Musk, Egyptian Musk, White Musk, Arabian Sandalwood, Egyptian Sandalwood, Musk Powder infused Ylang Ylang White Resin.


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