👠🌝 Black Phoenix October Updates! 🌝👠

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Black Phoenix October Updates!


HyrrokkinResistance, Bats, and Hallowenches! I have not included the super limited items that were part of this announcement due to them being super limited.  You're welcome to do them as an addon, but keep in mind that they may sell out before we place the order, in which case, you'll get a refund, of course.

Lab AddonsPost Addons, various sizes, and sets are available until 7pm est Friday October 26th

These will overlap briefly with the Sixteen92 Halloween Update expected on Friday. :) Also, from now until midnight Friday night the coupon code 'WELLSUCKS' will take 25% off all the Leftover/Alumni/Clearance in your cart!

For those of you not in the FaceBook Group, there was a small update yesterday about where we are with things ATM and a few important dates...

Lil Update!
Leftovers/Alumni Blackout November 12th - 23rd. The only thing available in the shop during this time will be active pre-orders. Alumni and leftovers will return on Small Business Saturday.

Winter Break December 21st - 28th. The shop will be closed for some updating and my brief holiday break. No emails will be answered, no shipping/packing/decanting - actual legit time off, etc, lol.

In decanting news, we are plugging away on ALL THE sprays (which includes 1,500+ 4mls)! We're waiting on a box of Lab bottles that was missing from the other four boxes and those will get a deadline as soon as we clear the bulk of the Post order.

Chuggling along!

Love & Luck,

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